Beyou: How to ace your Christmas make-up look

After my rediscovery of the power make-up, I’ve been messing about more than ever with colour and technique. But there are certain looks I just can’t master no matter how much I try, which is frustrating now that Christmas party season is here and I want to rock.

Added to that, by the time I’ve finished a busy day in the office, my spirit may be willing but my face is ready to go to bed. Smoky eyes are seductive, but not when they’re caused by rubbing at your mascara one time too many.

And in these Instagram days, that’s not good enough.

Which is why I was delighted to hear about Beyou, an on-demand hair and make-up service that’s kinda like Uber – you just phone up and go. Or rather they go, to your home or office or wherever else you need a touch of make-up magic

I’ve loved having my make-up done since I was a little girl (except for the time when Joseba, my hairdresser in Madrid, worked his wonders on me after I went blonde. The salon was in one of the most hipster areas of the city – think Pedro Almodóvar – and Joseba was more used to doing drag queens’ make-up than a 40something journalist’s. I went home looking ready to hit the Rio Carnival.)

Despite my colourful experience, it’s great getting someone else’s perspective on what works and what doesn’t on your face, especially when it comes from a professional. As we get older, our skin tones change – I know for me, the shades that worked when I was 30 do not work now. Also, your eyes can change shape, hormonal changes can give you dry skin (again, I’m not as oily as I was), your lips are no longer so full and your brows get thinner. Oh boy, do your eyes get thinner. I don’t think I’ve needed tweezers for about two years now. Having an expert show you new techniques, products and shades is invaluable.

Plus, having your make-up done feels like the ultimate in pampering, especially when you leave feeling and looking like a whole new woman.

“Women should be able to feel beautiful and visible no matter what their age,” Beyou’s co-founder Charlotte Green tells me. “They should never give up on wanting to look their best.

“Make-up is a real and tangible tool of empowerment, a tool that some may argue becomes increasingly necessary as we get older, especially as the way we use make-up typically changes as we mature.

“We should celebrate the beauty of women as we get older and Beyou helps us all do that.”

Beyou works via an app, letting you link up with a nearby make-up artist or hair stylist. And unlike other at-home services, you get to decide who comes to your door. You can view each MUAs profile and portfolio online, plus get to see their client reviews. There’s a huge range to choose from, with some of the make-up artists listing supermodels and famous faces among their clients.

Best of all, you get to set your budget – there’s nothing worse than that fear that you’re going to be charged double what you thought, even more so at this time of year when every penny counts.

 Beyou co-founder Charlotte Green Beyou co-founder Charlotte Green

On Christmas Day, of course, the MUAs will be celebrating with their own families, but you can still take advantage of their expertise – Charlotte told me her three top tips for looking good on the big day!

First, go for a smoky eye. “It’s deal for Christmas day as it gives off warmth and sophistication, without looking overdone,” she says.

Then, sweep a luminising pressed highlighter across the face or on targeted areas such as your cheek and brow bones to get a soft silky glow that hides imperfections.

And finally, go big on the lips. “Nothing says Christmas like a red or deep plum lip,” says Charlotte. “If you can’t be a bit more daring on the big day, when can you?”

Too true.

“It’s a day for family and friends and, of course, some Instagram pics with the tree, present unwrapping and the Christmas feast. In fact, a family photo or two is pretty much a given, so why not look absolutely gorgeous while you’re at it?” adds Charlotte.

Indeed – and once you’re glowing, you can follow Jennifer’s tips on how to take the perfect Christmas selfie and watch your Instagram light up more than Rudolph’s nose.

To download the app, visit Beyou. Main image: Stephanie Traore.

What’s your Christmas make-up look? Leave me a comment below – and my apologies. I’ve been having trouble with comments but hopefully they’ll all be back soon.

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