Mally H3 Lip Gloss review: Is this the holy grail of nudes?

One of the best things about Christmas is going home to see my family in Newcastle – and raiding my big sister’s make-up bag (and toiletry bag, boxes, drawers…) She has brands that I’ve never heard of in there so it’s like being in my own beauty store, with unknown joys to be discovered.

Mally Beauty is one of them. If, like me, you’ve never heard of them, Mally’s a US brand started by make-up artist Mally Roncal, who’s worked with Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. Not a bad CV, then.

I tried one of the lippies my sister had bought (but keep that between us). The first was the Mally H3 Lip Gloss in Perfect Nude.

Nude lipsticks are my holy grail of make-up. I see them on other people and they look amazing. I try them and I look like an extra on The Walking Dead, the one they tell to stay at the back because they look a bit too dead.

Well move over Andrew Lincoln, because I’m taking centre stage.

I love this colour. It has just the right amount of warm pink tone to it to add definition to my lips without becoming a statement colour. It feels as if I’ve finished my make-up off, adding warmth, but it isn’t too “done”. Like me, but better.

The holy grail. (Cue angelic music.)

It is also amazingly moisturising. Lip glosses are lovely but icky. I hate that heavy, sticky feeling lip glosses can have, when it feels as if you have a coating of jam over your lips and you’re aware of it all day.

This feels very much like a hydrating lipstick – the H3, apparently, stands for hydration, hydration, hydration so well done Mally. You got it spot on.

This is like having a gorgeous balm on your lips, protecting them – which is a definite plus in Newcastle in winter. I love this area so much but my God, it’s a bit bracing when you go out! But after a few hours by the North Sea today, my lips still feel good – a little drier, but nothing that has had me reaching for the lipbalm. In fact, now I think about it, I haven’t used any at all today.

Yes, the gloss wore off after a few hours, but the colour was still there and let’s face it, how many glosses keep glossing all day? You always have to reapply no matter how big the label and personally, I love swiping gloss across my lips and seeing them come to life again.

This is definitely a keeper. It’s in my suitcase now, waiting to come home with me. Don’t tell the sister.

 Have you tried Mally? What brands do you love? Let me know below…

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