Mac Cosmetic Bling Thing Liquid Lipcolour review: Release your inner disco queen

After finally finding my holy grail of nudes (which I took out to re-apply before leaving my sister’s and left behind – she’s kept it for me!), I couldn’t leave the natural look further behind than my next choice of make-up: Mac Cosmetic’s Bling Thing Liquid Lipcolour.

Since getting my hair cropped, I’ve loved having a bright lip to go out in at night. Plus, ever since I blagged a front-row seat at the Halpern Autumn/Winter collection (why can’t you add Frower on your CV?), I’ve rediscovered my passion for disco. So this jazzy-snazzy lippie is ringing all my bells.

It’s a glitter-tastic liquid lip (or gloss, as my mam would would call) and the developers have obviously looked at the shine and then hit the Max button to add more because it glows.

The range features 7 colours and I’m having a love affair with Frickin’ Brilliant, a beautiful deep coppery red with an orangey pearly overglow. Reds are a nightmare for me – I think I’m the only person that doesn’t suit Ruby Woo – so to find one that I suit is nothing short of a miracle. I’m so glad I have. There’s something about red that makes you feel invincible.

It gives a great full coverage with none of the ickyness or gloopiness that glosses can so often have (you know, when they get that thick ridge of gloss on the edges of your lips when you apply it and if you blot it the wrong way, it overflows above your top lip and makes you look like you’ve been drinking Cider and Black all night.) One swipe is all you need, which makes it an absolute bargain at £18.

Best of all, this does not come off. Not at all. I’ve worn it for entire nights out and still been happy with the colour payoff at the end of the night. In fact, I know that you can still see its effects the next morning (what? Like no one has slept in their make-up after a good night out. And it was Christmas, so you know…)

Nor does it give that horrible outline that some long-lasting lipsticks do, when it looks as if you’ve drawn on the outside of your lips and then forgotten to fill them in. It is a gradual fade so you’re lips are always full of colour, leaving you just as much a Dancing Queen as you boogie home…

Part of Is This Mutton’s #WowOnWednesday – see it here.

Do you have a favourite red to share? I’d love to know…

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