Hey there! My name is Elizabeth and I’m an educator, journalist, editor, campaigner and writer. I’m a proud Geordie, but have lived and worked in Edinburgh, Madrid and London and also had an incredible sabbatical in Toronto.

I wish my midlife had been so great! While I’ve grown in confidence and learn so many valuable skills, nothing prepared me for the first signs of menopause and the massive impact it would have. Midlife suddenly wasn’t so fantastic. This spurred me on to write 50Sense.net – a guide to help women through this time of life. It’s not all menopause; you’ll find fashion, beauty, real-life stories and more, all focussed on women like you.

To make sure I’m giving the very best information, I’m an affiliate member of the British Menopause Society and an associate member of the International Menopause Society, with IMPART Level 1 training. I love learning and stretching myself, so I’m constantly updating and adding to my skills.

When I’m not writing or campaigning for menopause awareness, I’m reading or listening to podcasts, especially when I’m at the gym. I also read (a lot), nag Mr 50Sense (not enough) and spend time just wandering the streets of Canterbury amazed at their beauty (quite a bit).

My career away from 50Sense

Professionally, I’ve worked at some of the UK’s top publications, including the Sunday Herald, TheWeek.co.uk, the Edinburgh Evening News and The Scotsman, where I was appointed its first female night editor – I know! It only took them 187 years to realise a woman could do this!

I was also a monthly columnist and feature writer for Spain magazine and have written for such diverse outlets as Good Housekeeping, The Guardian, The Week Junior and others in both the UK and Spain.

To find out how I became a journalist and why I love it, click here. You can also hear me on The Media Podcast and The Week Unwrapped, among others.

I’ve finally found my work-life balance by splitting working at Hello! magazine with freelancing and blogging. I love sharing stories of women and products that make life better. If you’d like to work with me, then click here.

Welcome to a better menopause!

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