At-home hair care: Philip Kingsley’s guide to looking after your lockdown locks

At-home hair care has never been such a topic on social media. Since the coronavirus lockdown was announced, it’s been a constant theme on my feeds, with women (and men) wondering how they can look after their crowning glories now that the salons are shut.

My favourite has been Marian Keyes because I know this is exactly what would happen to me

But when even Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is picking up the shears, you know this is serious.

I’m lucky. I’m growing my hair so my visits to the hairdresser (hello Ringo at Toni and Guy Canterbury!) are a little longer apart than normal and I had my hair cut at the end of February.

As well as that, I’m also letting my hair colour grow out so roots aren’t a problem. (I used the Schwarzkopf Only Love last time. I have no idea what shade as I jump around all over the time, but it came out lovely and natural.)

If my hair is a mess, it really affects me. I know that’s shallow, but that’s the way it is and I completely understand all the tweets and Facebook posts, especially when you add in the general unsettling feeling in the air with coronavirus crisis.

Which is why, when Philip Kingsley trichologist Lisa Caddy got in touch offering some advice, I was there. Here’s her top tips on looking after your locks during lockdown…

At-home colouring

“Colouring hair more than every 12 weeks can mean too much overlap. However, many people colour every four weeks so if you can give your hair a colour holiday, it will help the condition.

“if you have to do video chats, disguise your roots with camouflage products colour-matched to your natural hair colour.

“If you’ve been thinking of embracing the grey but hate the transition of growing colour out, now is a great time to let your natural colour show for a few inches and see if you think its going to suit you.”

Hair hygiene

Busy lives and early starts means we often forgo hair washing in order to get an extra 15 minutes in bed, which usually means tying your hair up in a ponytail and packing on the dry shampoo.

“If you’re working from home and have a bit of extra time, get into new good habits and wash your hair more often, not less. It makes you feel fresher and clean and less tempted to stay in your pyjamas.

“We can’t imagine how many times a day we touch our hair and therefore transfer germs. Unwashed hair means more oil on the scalp, which attracts more dirt, dust and bacteria.”

Hair detox

“Did you know that even reducing your blow drying from seven days a week to four could dramatically improve your hair condition? Give your hair a detox and a holiday from the heat by letting your hair air dry more often.

“Blow drying usually involves using a brush, which means also applying tension on the hair, so air drying can save your hair the wear and tear of overgrooming, too.

“It’s also a good opportunity to deeply moisturise you hair by layering on your treatment-based products. Who cares if it looks a bit flat? It will be super hydrated!

“I’d recommend leaving the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer on for a few hours, rinse it out and let your hair air dry before bed. This means some product may remain in your hair overnight, so you can shampoo the next day.

“Then apply Daily Damage Defence and Preen Cream to the ends for day-long nourishment and moisture.”

Why Philip Kingsley?

Philip Kingsley is the hair brand I consistently go back to. I’ve noticed a big difference since following Anabel Kingsley’s guide to help menopause hair loss and even Mr 50Sense is a fan and won’t be without their itchy scalp range.

At the minute, I’m in love with the Body Building Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair feels fuller but natural, if you get what I mean. Many volume shampoos seem to leave my hair feeling stiff and without movement – like a Lego woman’s hair. This just leaves my hair a little more alive.

Yes, Philip Kingsley is more expensive than the likes of Tresemmé or Aussie or what-have-you, but you don’t need to use as much so it lasts a lot longer. It also gives much better results and during menopause – and lockdown – that really makes a difference to my wellbeing.

They’ve also removed the shipping charge during the crisis so there’s no better time to try.

How are you managing your hair during the lockdown? Let me know in the comments below.

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