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Come and hear me talk menopause with Gillian Martin MSP

I’m so excited to announce I’m going to be talking about my menopause, the Pausitivity campaign and also the need to have greater awareness in the workplace. I’ve been invited by wellness coach Donna Christie and online coach Tess Day, who asked me to talk at a similar event (all virtual) last year and it was wonderful, which is why I didn’t hesitate when they asked me to appear this time.

It’s a two-part event: daytime, which is looking at raising awareness and how to menopause-proof your body and mind, and night-time, which is focussed on workplaces and the need for greater support for menopausal employees.

Best of all, we’ll be joined by Gillian Martin MSP – who used a parliamentary agenda for a makeshift fan when she was caught with a hot flush during a debate in Holyrood! Gillian’s a great advocate for better menopause awareness and I’m honoured to be on the same bill as her.

It’s being held at the Garioch Heritage Centre in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, where you can meet Donna and Tess and pick their minds about how to have a better menopause, as well as hear me and Gillian. I’ll be virtual, thanks to Covid, but hopefully Gillian will be able to make it in person. There’ll also be a chat with the event’s sponsor, Access 2 Funding, with their chief executive Dawn Coker talking about her menopause and why she’s so passionate about spreading the word.

There’s also refreshments and a goody bag! I love a goody bag!!

If you can’t make it it Inverurie, never fear! Parts are also being live-streamed, so you can watch it with us.

Check out my video with Donna to find out more and simply click here to book your place at Know Your Menopause (both virtual and on location).

I look forward to seeing you!

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