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Fifty & Fab’s 8 ways to be fabulous in your 50s

When it comes to how to be fabulous in your 50s – and beyond – there’s only one woman to turn to for advice: Michelle Green at Fifty and Fab.

Michelle’s blog was one of the first I read when I started contemplating the big five-oh and I’ve always enjoyed her down-to-earth attitude. She makes it look so easy, but with a really honest and natural approach that is aspirational and achievable. And believe me, that’s not easy.

So I was honoured when we were formally introduced by a mutual acquaintance and Michelle asked if we’d like to guest blog for each other. There aren’t many people I’d let loose on 50Sense (it’s my baby!), but I didn’t hesitate.

And of course, the subject matter is Michelle’s speciality. So without further ado, here’s how to be fabulous in your 50s:

Wear what you love

I love today’s fashion where anything goes, we can wear just about anything in any combination, gone are the days of matchy matchy handbags and shoes. Use Instagram for outfit inspiration and I’d suggest remembering that less really is more, buy quality over quantity, I’d much rather have one good quality pair of jeans that fit well than ten pairs from Primark that look cheap.


My favourite style destinations include Whistles, Jigsaw, Mint Velvet and Hush. Invest in good accessories, a statement bag always elevates an outfit. And don’t be afraid of trainers with a dress!

You can find me on Instagram @fifty_andfab for ideas!

Always add an SPF30 to your make-up routine

Never ever go without an SPF, if you don’t wear much make-up then you can find excellent tinted moisturisers with SPF now.

Use a self-tan from spring to autumn

They are so much easier to apply now and practice makes perfect. If you are unsure of going from pale to bronzed, then start slowly with a gradual tan or a light shade or go to a salon for your first tan of the season and ask for a light coverage. Once you have some colour, it is easier to top up yourself at home.

Having a tan always makes me feel more fabulous and gives me confidence in summer dresses and swimwear.

Stop with the fad diets

Eat a natural, simple, nutritious, and well-balanced diet and avoid added sugars and processed foods. Cook from scratch or if time is limited choose one of the fantastic meal box kits delivered to home – Mindful Chef is a good one! But don’t beat yourself up too much about it all, balance is key, you can eat the cake or drink the wine just in moderation.

Focus on less stress and more sleep

Not easy, I know, but sleep really is one of the best therapies there is. Switch off the electronic gadgets about an hour before bedtime, have a warm bath, relax and the one supplement I do recommend is taking magnesium at night which has proven benefits to help us relax and sleep better.


Buy fabulous underwear

If you get the foundations right then all your clothes will look better, and you will feel better. Get your bra size checked regularly and update your underwear with as much attention as you give to everything else you wear. Treat yourself! Don’t just buy white or black, choose something pretty and feminine, you can still be comfortable and add a little bit of lace.

Don’t be afraid of HRT

It isn’t for everyone but do your research and don’t rule it out due to outdated myths and media scare stories. It can be life-changing for some women and offers protection from so many other health worries.

Take time out for you

Go for a walk alone, close the bathroom door, switch off the phone, put aside time for self-care and being selfish! Last year I even went away for two nights by myself, after months of the family at home during lockdown, I needed a break!

That’s it – how to be fabulous in your 50s. I’d love you to visit my blog at fiftyandfab.co.uk where I write about being 50 and fab and share inspiration on style, health, fitness, beauty, menopause, days out and holidays!

I’m a full-time mum (even if my children are grown up and have mostly flown the nest), wife and blogger when time allows – it is a little bit of space for me! I’m not an expert but I do share what works for me, a bit like chatting with a friend over coffee (or wine).

If you’d like to follow Michelle’s social media, she’s at @fiftyandfabblog on both Twitter and Facebook. Hope I can do her justice with my post…

What do you do to be fabulous in your 50s? I’d love to hear your tips below. And don’t forget to subscribe to get your free 20-page guide to a heappy and healthy menopause and midlife.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post Elizabeth! You have a fantastic website full of so much amazing information! Can’t wait to welcome you over on my blog soon! Love Michelle xx

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