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Fifty One Apparel: Menopause clothing for the summer

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It’s no secret that Fifty One Apparel is one of my favourite menopause clothing ranges. I’ve written about them before, with their fantastic team up with Michelle Heaton, and still rave about the T-shirt and leggings they sent me to try. My Fifty One Apparel T-shirt even appeared on BBC1, when I was discussing HRT shortages!

So I was delighted to hear they had a new range out, especially with it being summer. All those long, balmy days soaking up the sunshine – what better than a clothing range specifically designed to keep you cool?

Well, it’s now raining again for the fourth day running, but the temperature is still quite high (I hate the nights! I have to have the windows closed as we live on a busy road, so my bedroom gets horribly warm) and as we all know, menopausal women don’t need heat to have a hot flush or a night sweat.

Even better for summer, Fifty One Apparel’s range is perfect for layering because it is so light and comfy that you don’t feel weighed down. I often wonder about fashion editors’ thinking when I see layering that is tailored coat on top of light knit on top of shirt on top of vest top. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

How does Fifty One Apparel work?

Here’s Louise from Fifty One Apparel to explain…

“With the temperatures rising outside those suffering from the menopause have a double whammy with the hot flush and night sweats. While there is plenty of advice to guide women on how to manage these symptoms there is an increasing demand for clothing.

“Fifty One Apparel is a brand of clothing created to help women alleviate the impact of the hot flush/ night sweats by using a technology first developed by NASA to help astronauts keep their temperature regulated while in space. So why not take that technology and use it to help women manage their body temperature?

“While many ranges focus on cooling techniques by wicking moisture away from the body, this can have a negative effect of cold sweats as the body begins to cool and increasing levels of discomfort. Fifty One Apparel have used a phase change material concept whereby the heat of the body is interpreted by the fabric which then takes the heat and stores it until such times the body begins to cool and the heat is then transferred back to ensure a balanced temperature at all times.

“The clothing is designed not just for bedtime, but for daywear, too, whereby the clothing is as relevant to nightwear as it is to being on a Zoom call. The shapes and colours used are classic and unidentifiable to be a core item in anyone’s wardrobe with a price point which won’t break the bank.”

Why do I like Fifty One Apparel?

And this is me (as Mike Yarwood used to say). Louise’s last point is one that I think makes me like Fifty One Apparel so much: their prices. You all know that I get a little… ranty, shall we say?, about women paying over the odds because a company has labelled a product “menopause”. Here, the top price is £47.50 for a top.

Now I know that’s not Primark prices, but it is when you work it out cost-per-wear. I’ve had my Karin V Neck for around two years and have worn it non-stop, both for work and for going out (it rocks under a blazer with a pair of jeans and trainers). After all that time, is still black and it is still in perfect shape – no twisted side seams, no zig-zaggy neck, no fade. I bought a couple of Primark Tees last summer and they were in the clothing recycling a month later. About 12 quid wasted and at what cost to the environment?

Plus looking around the site, you see women that could be in the supermarket next to you. Mixed sized, mixed ages, mixed races, some with wrinkles, the odd hint of grey – even a little bit of (dare I say it?) not-so-perfect skin.

In other words: you see menopausal women. Beautiful, real-life women who look incredible. Just as we are.

And finally, they don’t claim to be medical or offer any medical benefits. Just gorgeous clothes that can help you get through hot flushes and night sweats a bit easier.

So, whether you’re taking the risk and going abroad or having a staycation in the back garden, don’t let the summer heat add to your menopausal mania. Check out Fifty One Apparel – and let me know what you get!

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