Grab a piece of Goldfrapp history and help the Covid-19 fight

I know it goes against every self-help ethos to compare yourself someone else, but seriously, who hasn’t looked at Alison Goldfrapp and sighed once in a while?

Uber cool and talented, she’s the perfect example of what 50-something women are these days – whoever they want to be.

This year, she was supposed to be on tour for the 20th anniversary of Goldfrapp’s debut album Felt Mountain (who else’s jaw has just dropped that this was so long ago?), but of course, Covid-19 has put a stop to that until next year.

Which means, there was a whole load of merchandise sitting in warehouses – including some chic tote bags and postcards designed by Alison herself. (She studied fine art at Middlesex before starting Goldfrapp and a judge for this year’s John Moores Painting Prize so these aren’t idle scribbles!)

Determined they wouldn’t gather dust, the singer has decided to sell some of the merch to raise money for the World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

“We’d all been enjoying rehearsals for the tour so much and it was heart-breaking to have to stop,” she says. “We’re lucky, though, because each date was rescheduled for next year, so we have that to look forward to and work towards.

“But for many we know, plans and dreams have been lost without an obvious way back. So now is the time for us to join together, recognising people in all walks of life are suffering.

“The World Health Organization has combined forces with UNICEF to help treat victims, support frontline workers, limit spread of the virus, and develop vaccines working all around the world. In our own way we hope to help a little bit with those key efforts.”

This is a great chance to grab yourself a limited-edition piece of Goldfrapp history and help in the fight against Covid-19. Items on sale include:

  • a synthesized-felt tote bag with It’s A Strange Day… lyrics from Utopia, and
  • a pack of postcards featuring Felt Mountain imagery by artists including Simon Periton, Anna Fox and Alison in a hand-stamped “No time to f**k” brown paper bag, referencing the lyric from Paper Bag.

I’m in love with the bag! (I have a collection of totes and you can tell my mood by which one I take shopping – if it’s Frida Kahlo, from the V&A exhibition, you better watch out!)

As ever, the WHO is doing incredible work in the fight against coronavirus, including:

  • Putting in place activities to track and understand the spread of the virus
  • Ensuring patients get the care they need
  • Buying and shipping essential supplies such as masks, gloves and protective wear for frontline workers
  • Producing evidence-based guidelines and advice, and make sure health workers and responders get the information and training to detect and treat affected patients
  • Producing guidance for the general public and for particular groups on measures to take to prevent the spread and protect themselves and others
  • Accelerating efforts to develop vaccines, tests and treatments

It is brilliant how women are using their skills to help others during the coronavirus pandemic. Check out how Just So Shop are making sure women creatives in some of the most vulnerable areas can still support their communities.

Visit Goldfrapp to see the merch and help others.

Photos: Anna Fox. Phillipe Levy.

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