Get an Old Hollywood hairstyle in 5 easy steps

Christmas is the perfect time to push the boat out and shine. In fact, it might be the only time of year when women over 40 are expected to! It’s the time for all-out glamour, starting with a drop-dead gorgeous vintage hairstyle straight out of Hollywood’s golden era.

This was created by the team at celebrity hairdresser Tony Odisho. He is best known for the most amazing hair extensions. If you haven’t seen them, check out the website (there’s lots of handy “How to” hair tutorials there, too).

I love it. I’d already been playing with the idea of growing out my pixie cut – now this is stuck on my fridge for inspiration.

With all the planning for Christmas, it’s hard to make time for ourselves. But the key to everything running smoothly is to make sure we’re happy and content first. And when better to do that than with a good pamper session to look uber-glamorous for a Christmas party (or even just a trip down the pub on Christmas Eve)?

You’ll need: Flexible Hold Hairspray, an Infrared Curling Iron3-in-1 Mist, a Paddle BrushSmoothing Serum and clips. There are only five steps and this is one of those styles that gives you time to do your make-up at the same time.

Old Hollywood glamour vintage hair tutorial

Step 1 - Section your hair

Divide your hair into four and lightly coat it with the Flexible Hold Hairspray for a workable style and heat protection.

Old Hollywood glamour vintage hair tutorial create loops

Step 2 - Begin curling

Start with one of the lower sections and begin curling your hair into a big loop. Pin each curl with a clip and give it another blast with hairspray. Then leave it to cool.

Keep going until all your hair is a mass of loops!

Old Hollywood glamour vintage hair tutorial creating loops with curling tongs

Step 3 - Unpin and brush

Once your hair has cooled, spray 3-in-1 Mist onto the paddle brush. Unpin your hair and brush out the curls. The Mist will add a beautiful shine.

Old Hollywood glamour vintage hair tutorial unpin and brush

Step 4 - Apply serum

Rub some Smoothing Serum onto your hands and rake it through your hair. This will make it look sleek without loosening the curls too much or weighing down your hair. 

Old Hollywood glamour vintage hair waves

Step 5 - Make waves

Finally, use your fingers and two clips to gently mold some waves. Give it another blast of hairspray and then, when it’s dry, remove the clips.

After that, just get out there and ooze some Hollywood glamour.

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