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Menopause Revolution: How to contact your MP and make a difference

We have a real chance to make a difference to the lives of menopausal women – but we need you to play a key part.

Carolyn Harris MP (below) is taking her Menopause Revolution to Westminster on 29 October and we need as many supportive MPs in the debating chamber as possible.

If the Menopause (Support and Services) Bill becomes law, HRT will be free for everyone in England, just as it is in Scotland and Wales.

But it’s not only the prescription charge that will be affected; the bill will signal a real sea-change in how menopause is viewed and supported in England. It’s a huge moment to change menopausal support.

How can I help?

And it couldn’t be simpler to be part of that: simply write a letter to your MP telling them why this is so important and asking them to support it. There’s even a Menopause Revolution template letter for you to download from the Menoause APPG – simply fill in the highlighted areas. You can find out your MP’s contact details here.

Our MPs are their to work on behalf of their constituents – make them work for you!

We can’t be complacent about this. My MP Rosie Duffield is well aware of my work, but I’m still sending a shout-out to her, too.

Change will only come about through parliament taking action. Please download the letter and send it today!

6 thoughts on “Menopause Revolution: How to contact your MP and make a difference”

  1. I am currently taking West Midlands Police to a tribunal due to me being dismissed from my dream job of dispatcher due to my menopausal symptoms especially due to poor memory, anxiety, fatigue, problems concentrating, palpitations, mood swings and irratability. I have in an unrelated tribunal proven disability due to the above. WMP initially accepted I was disabled under the EQ act 2010. But then changed their stance and are now untilising a barrister. I am having to fight this myself. If you or anyone needs any help or evidence from me please contact. The tribunal is listed for a 12 day hearing and it will be on Menopausal awareness day 2021.

  2. This was the response from my MP “I sympathise with the need for support for women going through the menopause and certainly agree that employers need to do better on this score. But I don’t really see why prosperous middle class women from our area, who can well afford it, need to be provided with free prescriptions for this when there are so many other demands on the NHS. This is why I struggle with the bill as is. I’d be grateful to hear your view” I am so angry right now I could punch someone!

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