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Spring style: The colours and trends for the new season

With a new season and the end of lockdown in sight, award-winning stylist Olwen Shaw tells us the looks that we’ll be wearing for the ultimate spring style.

As I write this – purple and yellow tulips in a vase on my desk, daffodils blooming in the garden, sheep with their newborn lambs in the fields making loud and beautiful noises – I can’t help thinking that spring is truly here and with that comes spring style.

Nature gets it right every year. Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, marking the start of spring, and next weekend the clocks go forward. Winter’s dark days with their sombre hues are being replaced by fields of joyous colour. Plus we are slowly coming out of lockdown, shedding our winter weeds and looking at socialising once more. Happy days!

Shades of spring style

When it comes to spring style, follow Mother Nature and the beautiful daffodils (Wordsworth certainly knew what was right!). There is lots of yellow about this season, often teamed with grey. Check out the runways of Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain for inspiration.

Hues range from lemon sherbet to sunshine bright, so there’s a yellow for everyone available on the high street – which will brighten up our return to the shops. (If you’re not too sure about your best yellow, please give me a call for a complementary 30min chat.)

If you love pink, which I do, spring/summer 2021 is the season for you – but make sure you choose the right shade.

Before I had my colours done (find out more about that here), all I ever wore was black and pink. Black trousers or skirt and a pink top. But actually, I was wearing the wrong pink. What a revelation it was when I changed tones. I’m not sure I looked ten years younger within a nanosecond of me changing from fuchsia to coral, but even I could see I looked healthier and a little more confident. Extraordinary, I thought.

So, in a potentially damaging couple of weeks for the royals, out comes Kate Middleton (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) in a beautiful pink ensemble.

Her coat was from Max&Co (price tag £369.00) and while I’m not whacky about the belt on the original, the Duchess shows how to wear it beautifully without it. For maximum effect, she added a pink scalloped jumper by Boden – tone on tone.

Collar me beautiful

Spring style is not all about colour, however. Good looks on the catwalk this season included oversized collars. Some can rock it – Holly Willoughby did with her blue daisy Rixo blouse for This Morning the other day – but some not so well. Where do you fit?

Photo: Holly Willoughby

I’m personally not a fan for me. I’m too small height wise for this trend and a bit non-Romantic. Oversized collars are all about getting the scale right. If you’re short or petite, you should look at smaller collars with delicate lace patterns.

So, get a grip on your spring style and get ready to get out there and shine!

This weekend marks a year since my last 1-1 and group sessions in my studio – how were we to know it would be so long? But times are changing and in the last couple of weeks, I have had lots of enquiries. So if you have any questions about spring styling, please get in touch either on my website at Olwen Shaw Style or by calling 07720 445 600.

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    1. I can’t wait to get out – pink blouse is at the ready (together with my pink Simone Rocha x H&M bag!!!!!!). If you’re gonna do it, do it big!

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