Waterdrop x Suki Waterhouse review: A stylish way to drink more water

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One of my resolutions for 2021 is to drink more water. It is something I struggle with, even though I know drinking water is good for you, from keeping your pee healthy to helping prevent menopause brain fog. But I think this new Waterdrop x Suki Waterhouse collaboration will spur me on.

This beautiful bottle is inspired by Monet’s The Water Lilies and is delicate and romantic, without being OTT. So many water bottles are designed with the gym in mind so are all neon shades and, quite frankly, look naff. This won’t look out of place in that posh handbag you got for Christmas.

Water bottle and microdrinks to encourage people to drink more water

I wanted the bottle motif to feel fresh as if to lure you to drink more water,” Suki says, admitting herself she needs to drink more. “I love how you can see through the bottle. I wanted to ensure the design supported the most important element – the water itself.”

The bottle itself is made from borosilicate glass – standby, here comes the science. Borosilicate glass is a non-toxic mix of boron trioxide and silica. Environmentally friendly and safe, these chemicals combine to make borosilicate glass more able to withstand changes in temperatures than other forms. It’s also stronger, so it’s less likely to break if you drop it.

Best of all, the materials to make borosilicate glass are widely available, which means it’s sustainable and you’re cutting down on the amount of plastic ending up in landfill. Oh, and no horrible plastic taste seeping into your drink over time…

It also comes with a pretty matching neoprene sleeve, which look just as beautiful on your shelf as the bottle itself.

What is Waterdrop?

Waterdrop is a range of dilutable microdrinks – tiny little cubes of fruit and plant extracts, such as acai, ginseng, blackcurrant, elderflower and hibiscus. They are sugar-free and are infused with a range of vitamins – vitamin C and E to help you glow, for example.

Basically, it’s like a bath bomb for your water. You drop it in about 500ml, let it fizz away for a few seconds and then drink.

Now, one of the main reasons I struggle to drink more water is… it’s bland. However, I dislike adding squashes or the likes because then you’re left with a sugary, chemically taste that coats your tongue. And yes, I know I can add cucumber or basil and the likes, but they’re just a bit boring and have you tried pulling a cucumber out of your bag on the train?

What does it taste like?

Waterdrop adds a very soft flavouring – some lighter than others – that make you feel like you’re drinking a real drink. My favourite by far was the blackcurrant of Boost, but I was disappointed by the pomegranate, goji berry & schizandra of Love. I want a bit more passion in my water!

The microdrinks come in little boxes which I have to admit appealed to the stationery geek in me. I have mine on display on my bookcase. Honest… here they are.

I was concerned about the little case they’re packed in, wondering about the use of plastic. But the thin shell is actually made from recyclable PET and uses 97% less packaging, so you can drink more water without adding to the plastic problem.

Why should you drink more water in midlife?

Oestrogen helps keep us hydrated so falling levels during our midlife years – and especially once we hit perimenopause – causes us to lose the ability to retain water as well. This can impact on:

  • bones: water helps prevent joint inflammation
  • skin: drink more water to keep your skin soft and plump (and prevent menopausal itchy skin)
  • hot flashes and night sweats: if you’re dehydrated, you can feel nervy and anxious, which can trigger a hot flush or night sweat
  • memory: drink water to combat brain fog and fuzziness
  • headaches: not drinking enough water is a common cause of headaches
  • mood swings: dehydration can lead to feeling anxious, panic attacks and mood swings
  • digestion: drink more water to stop bloating – a common problem during midlife

How should I drink more water?

Chugging water non-stop leaves me feeling sea-sick so I’m learning to spread it out throughout the day. Have a big glass of room-temperature water as soon as you wake up and then drink little and often. And sip from your water bottle, rather than glugging it down like a pint of lager!

As for how much water to drink in a day, the recommended intake is 2 litres. Luckily, you can’t overdose on Waterdrop so they’ll make a great way to help.

Click here for the Waterdrop x Suki Waterhouse limited edition. The bottle and neoprene sleeve costs £29.90 or as a set with 12 microdrinks for £34.90. There’s also a pretty tote bag in the waterlily design at £13.90.

How do you drink more water each day? Let me know in the comments below.

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