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What’s been happening since my coil was fitted – a life update

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet on the front. That’s because behind the scenes, it’s been a bit nuts and I’ve been feeling it.

It’s been a month since I had my Mirena coil fitted and it hasn’t been easy. This is the first week when I haven’t had some sort of spotting or bleeding (I am keeping M&S’s lingerie department going in new knickers).

But that hasn’t been the worst of it – I’ve been having the most horrendous mood swings, resulting last week in this rather tearful video update.

All the old PMDD symptoms have come with it, too: I’m snippy, angry, tearful, clumsy (I dropped a fresh jar of my favourite coffee on the floor yesterday, then smashed my head against the cupboard door getting a brush to clean it up).

And then comes the jealousy and wondering just what I’m doing when people actively ignore your contribution…

Yup. PMDD does not make you a nice person.

Plus I’ve loaded too much on myself: Pausitivity, supporting the Menopause Revolution, writing, advising people, giving talks – and then there’s family and work to factor in.

I need to do some of the self-care I tell others to do.

The next two weeks are going to be even busier, but it’s going to be wonderful. First of all, I’m co-hosting a World Menopause Day celebration on 18 October with the wonderful Executive Midlife Coach. If you’re in Kent on Monday, please come along. It is going to be a brilliant event.

Get your tickets here.

And then – and I’m a little shyer about this one – there’s a rally in London to support the Menopause Revolution on 29th October. I’ve had the day off work ever since the date was announced, but now that it’s coming, I’m scared. Actually bricking it. There’s going to be so many impressive women there…

But I will be there and hope to see you, too. If you can’t come, please contact your MP and tell them to support Carolyn Harris’s Menopause Bill. You can download a template letter here.

After that, I can fall to bits…

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