You’re not mad – it’s just menopause!

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Feeling lost and confused? Unsure where your spark has gone? Not sure who you are any more?

Don’t worry – you’re not going mad, you’re just going through the menopause.

I know. You don’t feel old enough, but here’s the thing no one tells you: menopause doesn’t happen when you’re old! It happens when you’re in your midlife prime, suddenly coming along to knock you off your stride.

I’m here to help

I educate and empower women to give them all the advice and knowledge they need to embrace menopause and midlife and find themselves again.

Why? Because I’ve gone through it myself and after years of researching and education, I’m out the other side: stronger, healthier and much, much happier.

If you’re feeling alone or are struggling with any aspect of menopause and midlife, why not arrange a chat over a video call?

In 30 minutes, we can talk through your struggles and plan your next course of action – and I guarantee there’ll be a laugh or two along the way.

Your best life is yet to come…

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I’m passionate about sharing products, advice, expert guides and amazing life stories to help women through midlife. If you have a story you’d like to share, get in touch!

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