Why the UK’s Ban on Disposable Vapes Is a Positive Step

Disposable vape waste

The UK government has announced a ban on disposable vapes, a move aimed at protecting children’s health. This decision comes in response to a worrying trend: a threefold increase in the number of children using vapes over the past three years. This ban, set to take effect by late 2024 or early 2025, marks a crucial … Read more

How Healthcare Videos Can Improve Patient Understanding

Understanding health information is very important for patients. When patients really get what their health problems are and how to take care of themselves, they tend to get better faster and stay healthier. This means they are less likely to have to go back to the hospital or have more health problems later. For doctors … Read more

Vape Detectors in Schools: Effective Deterrent or Just a Band-Aid?

Vape Detector in The School

The rise of vaping among teens has become a pressing concern for educational institutions worldwide. As schools strive to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students, the adoption of vape detectors has emerged as a potential solution to combat this pervasive issue. Positioned at the intersection of technology and policy enforcement, vape detectors aim … Read more

The Science of Happiness ─ How it Impacts Your Physical Well-Being

Physical Well-Being

Understanding the profound link between happiness and physical health is paramount to overall health and well-being. Study after study is finding some powerful evidence to support that positive emotions and an optimistic outlook toward life can do everything from boosting our immune function to dramatically increasing the health of our hearts. As such, the more … Read more

Do Endocrinologists Deal with Reproductive Hormones? Unveiling Their Expertise

Doctor sitting in his office with a patient.

Have you ever booked an appointment with an endocrinologist, and how to know if you need to? Endocrinologists are medical specialists dedicated to diagnosing and treating hormonal disorders across various bodily systems for different age groups, genders, as well as health concerns. While their expertise is within loads of hormonal issues, a significant focus of … Read more

How To Deal with Postpartum Vaginal Dryness Efficiently

Postpartum vaginal dryness is a common yet often unspoken challenge that many new mothers face after giving birth. This condition, marked by a noticeable decrease in vaginal lubrication, can lead to discomfort, itching, and pain, especially during intercourse. It’s a natural consequence of the significant hormonal shifts that occur in a woman’s body post-delivery, particularly … Read more

Types And Causes Of Breast Discharge – What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

Types And Causes Of Breast Discharge

When we talk about breast discharge, it’s a topic that might stir concern or curiosity. Yet, it’s a common phenomenon many women experience at some point in their lives. Understanding what your body is trying to communicate through this discharge can be empowering and can help demystify concerns about breast health. This blog post will … Read more

Itchy Scalp: Anabel Kingsley’s Tips To Treat Menopausal Hair

Itchy Scalp

Malcolm McLaren’s “Buffalo Gals” has been echoing in my head recently, especially the part about scratching leading to itchiness. Fortunately, I’ve managed to keep my menopausal itchy skin in check with various creams and hormone replacement therapy. However, dealing with an itchy scalp has been a different story, as heavy creams are not an option … Read more

Oestrogel And The Mirena Coil: HRT’s Last Chance

Oestrogel and the Mirena coil

“Oestrogel and the Mirena Coil” does have the ring of a sci-fi superhero blockbuster, perhaps with Chris Hemsworth leading the charge – or maybe that’s just my imagination running wild. Yet, nearly three months post-coil insertion, I’m cautiously optimistic that this might just be the HRT superhero duo I’ve been searching for. The journey hasn’t … Read more