HRT and me: I finally feel good – but why am I bleeding and spotting so much?

One of the best things about menopause (yes, there are more than one) is the end of your periods. But bleeding has been a major part of my menopause journey this year and it’s lead to a worrying couple of months.

It began with a GP appointment. It had been almost six months since I’d been given Evorel Conti as a make-do hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after Covid-19 precautions stopped me getting a coil fitted and I needed a new prescription.

However, I was a bit concerned because I was bleeding. Often. Every couple of weeks I would have a “period”, sometimes as heavy (and almost as painful) as my true ones, and in between I would rarely go more than a couple of days without spotting. I’d had to put away my nice knickers and wear the old faithfuls, the sort your mam would warn you about not having a road accident in.

Obviously I did what everyone in this situation does and turned to Google and read:

Most women do not have a regular monthly period with Evorel Conti. However, bleeding or spotting does often occur in the first few months until treatment settles down.

Closer googling unearthed forums on Mumsnet where other women were also having bleeding, so I took a deep breath and accepted it.

But then Mr 50Sense said: “Again?” when I told him about a new round and I realised I was bleeding or spotting more days than not. And six months did seem more than “the first few months”.

Fast-track to Worryville

When I told the doctor – a locum, covering during the pandemic – he said he would recommend I changed over to the coil and inform Dr B, who does the fitting.

However, Dr B was not so happy and before I knew it, she was talking about getting me fast-tracked for ultrasounds and seeing gynaecologists and checking for cancer.

I’d been brushing my teeth when she called and I sank down onto the edge of bath in disbelief. No one on Mumsnet had mentioned cancer.

Dr B was wonderful, calmly discussing her concerns and why she thought this was the best action. We needed to get anything serious ruled out, she said. But then she called back straight away and said: “I’ve been thinking and perhaps you should stop taking your HRT,” and my heart did a little flutter. (We compromised on a half as I was scared of going cold turkey.)

Sitting there, I came to a decision: cancer has struck several members of my family and my in-laws, so I wouldn’t tell them about this until there was something to tell, either good or bad. I didn’t even want to tell Mr 50Sense, but then he was off ill when I had to go for the scan and I had to explain why I was suddenly drinking gallons of water!

Ah, yes. The great How Much Water to Drink for an Ultrasound debate! The clinic told me to drink two litres, but a quick chat on Twitter found this was a much-disputed number. Some women had been told a pint, others that they’d drank too much and had to wee some of it off… In the end, I compromised on a pint and a half and crossed my legs and fingers.

At the women’s health centre, where motherhood rules

Medical procedures fascinate me and I lay there enthralled as she read off numbers and discussed my “fast asleep” left ovary compared to my “very young-looking” right, where a follicle was “11”.

I raced back home to tell Mr 50Sense. “What does all that mean?” he asked. “Haven’t the foggiest,” I replied, and then promptly took to social media to boast about my “young-looking” right ovary.

As time went on, however, that C word kept coming back to my mind and I googled facts about ovaries and follicles, looking for reassurance that the internet couldn’t provide.

Off to the women’s health centre

A couple of weeks later, I found myself sitting in the nearest women’s health centre to see the gynaecologist. Why they call it a “women’s health centre”, however, I have no idea as there wasn’t one piece of literature or poster or pamphlet for women’s health that didn’t relate to pregnancy and childcare. Images of babies and happy families were spread wall to ceiling. “Motherhood health centre” would be a more appropriate term.

My internal rant waylaid some of my fears.

You see, I’d been blasé when talking about the tests, saying it was nothing to be concerned about, but a niggling part of my brain kept saying: “What if…?” After all, I’d started bleeding yet again that morning…

In fact, I was so nervous that when they told me to undress and wrap a paper blanket around me “like a sarong”, I did a full strip and walked out tightly holding on to as much decency as possible.

“Noooo,” laughed the gynaecologist. “Just your bottom half!”

Well, it broke the ice.

Next, I was stirruped up, discussing the weather in a very British way as bits and pieces were stuck up my vagina and wiggled around.

“Your cervix is a bit…”

“Wonky?” I proffered. “That’s what they told me in Spain during a smear test once. They said it was more difficult because my cervix was wonky.”

Well,” said the gynaecologist. “I wouldn’t be so rude. It’s… playful. Likes to hide.”

See? That’s the difference between the Spanish and the British NHS.

Wonky or not, it turns out I have a cervix that really doesn’t like people poking around in it. Especially people trying to do smears or biopsies. I closed my eyes and concentrated on mindfulness techniques, focussing on my breathing and trying not to imagine John Hurt with a Baby Alien moving around his stomach.

After what felt like an age, the gynaecologist said: “You’ve done really well. I’m waiting for your scans to come through, but I’m getting the biopsy sent off straight away. I think it’s HRT related, but if it is cancer, we can hit it running.”

Fistula fistbumps

I thought I would feel more nervous after the gynae appointment, but her words made me feel much, much better. The matter-of-fact way she explained what she was doing and why brought about an almost Zen-like calmness: if there was something there, I was in the best hands so better to find out.

Straight out of the clinic

Not long later, I coincidentally received a DM on Twitter from someone going through a similar situation. Through our conversation, I explained what was happening to me – she was the only person apart from Mr 50Sense and my Pausitivity colleague Clare that I had told.

And it felt good.

By telling her what I had gone through, I was not only able to prepare her a little more, but also reassure myself. There was a process here and experts behind it.

More importantly, though, I was able to lift a little of the load I’d been mentally carrying by keeping it secret. By shining a light on it, I could put things into perspective and look at the facts, which were that it was more likely to be the HRT than anything else.

I still had a huge sigh of relief when my letter came through agreeing with me and saying everything looked good. It also gave me lots of medical details to geek out on and I know fine well my new party piece will be telling people the size of my uterus.

I also heard from my DM Pal, telling me she had fistulas.

“Fistula fistbump,” I proudly replied!

Wonder if she knows the size of hers…

Looking to the future

So now it looks as if I may finally get to my holy grail of HRT – a Mirena coil and oestrogen gel – 20 months after I was recommended it by the now-head of the British Menopause Society.

The ironic thing is, emotionally, I’m actually feeling really well on the Evorel Conti! I’m taking it with Sertraline, which seems to be counter-acting the effects of progesterone on me, and except for one bad episode of menopause depression, I’ve been more emotionally stable than for a long time. I’ve still had a few bleeds, however.

Any advice?

Finally, if you are experiencing bleeding after menopause, please go see your GP straight away. In fact, let’s make that an order – GO AND SEE YOUR GP.

And share your medical facts with me afterwards.

What are your experiences of Evorel Conti? Has it made you bleed? Please let me know in the comments below and tell me what happened to you.

184 thoughts on “HRT and me: I finally feel good – but why am I bleeding and spotting so much?”

  1. Gosh I just stumbled across your post while googling why am i bleeding on ‘everol conti’. Your whole scenerio could have been written by myself! I too have had an ultrasound and an internal , plus an internal ultrasound, didint know that was a thing! After calling my doctor to tell her I was bleeding, 3 weeks after starting on the patches. After my ultrasound I too got a call from my doctor to come off my HRT ‘immediately’ – eek! Waiting on a gynae appointment, bleeding again this morning and quite sore. Little clots coming away too. Called doctor and now apparently a letter has been sent by the gyne dept at the hospital with ‘advice’ – not seeing them?? Still waiting on my doc calling me. I know I have a cyst on one of my ovaries. But i hadnt had a period for 2 years now bleeding more than I did when I had my periods. Boo!

    1. Some of my GP phone calls seemed to have got lost, so if you haven’t heard from your GP soon, give them a call iand inquire. For what it’s worth, I was told I could remain on the Conti but with regular scans to check my womb lining wasn’t getting too thick. I didn’t want to put that cost on the NHS so I came off it. Let me know how you get on xxx

    2. I am EXACTLY the same!!! Just waiting on the DRs call today after a scan on Friday.. I think I’m going to go au naturel with the menopause now… I can’t be doing with periods again sod it! Best wishes to you xxx

      1. I had been using EC for a few years with no problems at all. The patches became unavailable for about a year and I was put on an oral HRT as a replacement. I have since (last six months) started using the EC patches as they became available again. Since restarting, I have been experiencing bleeding every two weeks or so. Despite mentioning this at a routine smear test, I have been referred to Gynecology for an ultra sound, which led on to a hysteroscopy followed by a colposcopy and now i’m waiting on a second hysteroscopy, at which point the gynecologist will ‘pop in a mirena coil’ to deal with the bleeding. After reading your posts I feel as if the GP and gynecologists have disregarded my thoughts about the bleeding possibly relating to the EC patches. Does anyone know if the components of the EC patches have changed. I can’t understand why I used them before with no side effects and since restarting I’m having bleeding problems.

        1. Hi Denise, I was wondering that too. I’ve been on EC patches for 4 years with no problems at all. I started a new box 5 weeks ago and had what I can only describe as a proper period, sore nipples bloating etc. it lasted about 2 weeks. since then I’ve done the whole 2 week fast track, scan,hysteroscopy and now I’m awaiting an mri next week as they couldn’t do a biopsy. (I had an ablation procedure for heavy periods years ago which means there isn’t any actual lining to take a sample from). Nothing untoward found so far. Anyway today I’ve started another ‘period’ so it does seem like it’s cyclical. Feel very ‘periody’ bloated and tired. Think I will start a new pack and see if the box I’ve been using is a rogue batch. I’m interested that you have the same problem, has anyone else on here started a new batch and and suddenly started to have periods after previously having no problems?

          1. Yes! And exactly the same thought crossed my mind, this has to be a new batch with a different hormone ratio or source. I am now bleeding one week on and one week off after a year of normality and balance using the combi patches. I have just ripped it off after spotting another heavy bleed on the way. I will see if my cycle returns to normal or less. I cannot deal with this much bleeding, I can’t leave the house some days. Once it’s settled I shall look at other types of hormonal support.

          2. I’ve been on the ec patches for over 2years and out of the blue had a very heavy bleed called the doctors was fast tracked and scanned to be told I had a few small fibroids and nothing to worry about the bleeding stopped after about 10 days and the nothing until I went on holiday I flew out and by the time I’d landed I was bleeding again this has happened twice now I’ve spoken with the doctor and she has know answers I’ve now been back home after my last holiday 2 weeks and I’m bleeding again I don’t know what to do should I just stop the hrt

          3. Omg…. I’ve been on EC for 7 months ..& for the last 2 months I’ve been bleeding … I’ve got to wait 2 weeks to even talk to my GP… of course I’m worried but reading these posts has helped … I’ll write more when I’ve spoke to the dr…

          4. Hi Carol
            I have the same as you .I have been on patches for a year and half had some spotting a couple of months ago was sent to the hospital for scan and hisoscopy but I couldn’t tolerate the pain so they didn’t do a biopsy .The Dr said she couldn’t see anything but if I started to bleed again then I would need to go back ..I woke up this am with period pain and bleeding so will call go but like you I think it’s the patches as I have sore nipples and period symptoms .

          5. Hi I have been in EC for bout 2 years have had lots of symptoms but all settled down almost then bout 4 weeks ago started spotting then had a heavy period bout 10 days then stopped and started again 2 weeks later a but lightly and have not stopped ultrasound and probe discovered a cyst in my ovary and am on a 2 week referral for further investigation consultant said show no signs of cancer and maybe hrt but needs checking out it’s a worrying time felt like it’s just me !!!!

          6. Oooh that’s a good idea 💡 starting a new box to see if the existing one is a rogue !
            I have just read all your comments and its put my mind to rest ( a little) I am experiencing the exact same problems. Periods have been ongoing since I have started the patches.
            I have a phone call docs app next Wednesday. Apparently I’m not allowed to see doc ( post covid )and I have only waited 3wks for it. Its classed by the receptionist as non urgent . To me it’s very urgent as its been months that I have been bleeding heavily and lots of clots coming away too. Fingers crossed she has some good advice and may change HRT… although I feel so good on the patches, just blabbing away quite unhappily . Can’t wear my lovely underwear is so depressing 😫

            Wishing all you ladies the best and heres hoping everything goes well with my Doctors phone appointment 💕

          7. So glad I found this thread! I started on evorel conti in July 2022 – loved it – no more joint pain and a lot less ’emotional’ but I started spotting in January and this lasted daily for about 7 weeks. Around the time of my pre menopause period, I felt really pmt – mood swings, aching boobs etc so definitely felt hormone related. I had an ultrasound at the beginning of Feb and due to go for gynea appt with hystoscopy (?) at the start of April. Bleeding has stopped and hoping it was just a glitch as I really don’t want to stop HRT.
            Reading about all the other experiences has made me feel so much better! Thank you

    3. Me too within weeks of staring the patches bleeding and 9 months on still bleeding also had scan last month all ok, bleeding more now than I had done for years with my periods, but I do feel so much better in myself, sleep better, way less flushes and brain fog no more. Just the bleeding and weight gain but is that the patches or is it the dreaded middle age spread.

    4. Hello – I started bleeding a few months after starting Evorel Conti patches and now get VERY HEAVY bleeding every 2 weeks – and even with just a 1 week interval this month. It’s a complete pain! Am getting an ultrasound to check. But the patch clearly needs refined. HRT products clearly aren’t working for some (possibly many?) women – and the industry needs to catch up!

      1. It’s so awful I was on the same patch haven’t stopped bleeding had app yday with gynie Dr waiting on results I’m worried sick .

    5. I was on evorel75 patches started bleeding every 2 weeks that went on for about a month then then put me on utrogestan tables but still had bleeding I went for scan and biopsy all was clear they up my patches but still had bleeding went for a second scan everything was clear so they changed my orchestra to estradot and put me on to some blood clotting tables which were fine while I was taken then but as soon as I finished then I’ve started bleeding again

  2. Same here – 18 months of bliss on oestrogen patch and utrogestan and then bam! Ten weeks of spotting, biopsy, scan, the waiting was horrific. The first option (reduce oestrogen dose) brought all the symptoms back but stopped the bleed. I’ve upped the patch now and feel ok but I expect I’ll bleed in a week or so. Seems like have to have one or the other and bleeding is the least bad.

    One thing two docs have suggested – increase the utrogestan dose to stop the bleeding (although no one has told me for how long or how often, or after how long a time does it become a concern again). This isn’t a one size fits all and it’s so difficult to find someone accesible who knows their stuff. Grrrr

    1. Hi Cat. It is frustrating, isn’t it. You think you’ve found the answer and then bloody Mother Nature screws it up again. All we can do is keep going back to the GP. The more we let them know they’re advice isn’t good enough, the more they’ll have to learn! Good luck x

    2. Hi I’m the same. 8 months on oestrogel and utrogesten 100 mg then bleeding for 2 weeks. I had missed an odd tablet I must admit but was shocked how much plus cramping. I did have endo and a fibroid . GP answer is stop it all. However I e give to one pump of oestrogen gel and trying the 100 mg utrogesten vaginally which she won’t hear of! But I reckon it will absorb better this way. It’s used this way on the continent. Dr Newson says it can be used this way too. Bleeding is just about stopped now after 3 nights of this way. So I’m hoping it’s going to work. She’s not ringing me for 6 weeks. I’ve requested to speak to another GP as I’m 13 years post meno and surely should have a scan to check lining etc is ok. I’m taking hrt to help osteoporosis. Finally given it at age 60!

      1. Hi Nigela, hope you don’t mind me asking but what has happened since then? I’m on the same HRT, about 6 weeks in & have had a heavy period for 4 days after having spotting for a few weeks. Got docs appointment in a couple of days but going on holiday in a week & really don’t want to be bleeding like this! Tempted to try what you did!

        1. Stella Johnstone

          So glad I came across this thread – I am also on Same HRT, was all going well for about 8 months then boom started bleeding with cramps. Am bleeding roughly every two weeks for about a week with spotting in between. Have had all sorts of scans which thankfully show nothing sinister lurking but can’t help but worry, they didn’t do a hystoscopy as womb lining was only 1.9 so no need, am seriously considering stopping HRT – x

  3. Hey ladies ,
    Reading a few diff things online ,have been on the conti for a month and have just started bleeding for 2nd time ,heavy and painful like I used to have .normal body getting used to it or consult my doctor??

  4. Mrs vicky saka

    Hello all,Started evrol conti may10th 2021,2weeks later aching boobs and belly ache then a period like bleed 7 days later no bleeding for 4 days then spotting and now today my second appointment with Dr about patches im bleeding again like a period ,Dr gave me another 3 months of patches and of bleeding hasn’t stopped by then it needs looking onto so I suppose that means a lot of prodding and poking down there ohhhhh isn’t being a woman fucking fabulous 😀

    1. It is a bloody trial at times – figuratively and literally!!!!! Evorel conti can cause intermittent bleeding for the first few months. Keep tracking it and if it doesn’t settle, go back and see your GP. Good luck and keep in touch x

  5. Hi.I’ve been on evorel conti for 8 weeks now and have been bleeding for 10 days now. Should I contact my gp or is it just breakthrough bleeding? Thanks Mandy.

  6. I’m 55, been taking EC for last 6 weeks and on that time I’ve had 2 heavy and cramping bleeds with only 9 days between each one, currently bleeding for the second time. I am still waiting to hear back from my GP (will be phoning them again tomorrow). I haven’t had a period for over 10 years and it’s horrible. In between I feel like I’ve been born again…. But this bleeding is getting me down, I’m not accepting that the bleeding is ok. Now I’m having to buy sanitary wear and take pain relief for the cramps…. That doesn’t seem right.

    1. Hi Julie. I hear ya. I’m on utrogestan now and the pain from the bleeding this time is just like my period pain of old. What did your GP say? x

      1. She said carry on with the patches and the bleeding would settle down (that was 10 months ago) Here we are in 2022 and I have been bleeding again every 10 days. It’s so frustrating and I don’t know why. I have returned to my GP this week and now I’ve been fast tracked for a scan within 2 weeks. Still bleeding.
        So many women bleed on these patches, nobody seems to know why.

    2. It’s rubbish isn’t it?!! I wonder where the bleeding comes from, I’d rather not take hRT if that’s going to happen… I’ve removed my final patch -forget it!
      Sexy pants and clean again -yes please 🙂

      1. Once you’re post-menopausal, you should be able to get HRT that means you don’t bleed – altho’ some poor souls still get some. I’m telling ya, there’s no way I’m still using towels and walking like a duck at 60!!!!! x

        1. Alison longhurst

          Hi you made me feel so much better , I’m 56 and taking the combined HRT and bleeding most days , I have no other symptoms but went to the doctor and am waiting for a scan within 2 weeks , it’s frightened me because I think cancer , but I have no other symptoms , reading all your stories has helped massively x

          1. Cancer always has to be ruled out but is usually not the case. It’s normal to be worried though, and well done for getting checked out. Let us know how you get on, Alison x

          2. I’m 56 and suddenly having the worsed period of my life. Had small bleeds but nothing like this before. I’m on utrogestan and everol patch. Fast tracked so scan in 11 days. Terrified it’s something bad, praying it’s the hrt. Hope you’re results were fine

        2. Hello all, this resonated with me and feel the need to join the conversation. I am 55 and have been post menopausal for 7-8 years. The whole Davina thing got me thinking last year that I should give HRT a go! My journey started with Evorel Conti patches, I bled as everyone above, had a scan, Hysteroscopy (put out for that one as too painful awake, as I found out previously – shoot the person who said we have to stay awake for that nasty procedure!!!) and eventually swapped to Oestrogel Pump and Progesterone Tablets. Seems the gel and tablets made me extremely low and have since stopped taking them! I now have my night sweats back with a vengeance, therefore no sleep! Don’t you love women’s health mmmmm!!! The EC suited me, made me 40 again LOL, so considering going back on, any thoughts out there to agree or disagree? Any help welcome, because let’s face it, the Dr has no clue!!!!!

          1. Hi Donna

            I am also aged 55 and last period was 7 yrs ago. The whole Davina thing got me too and 8 weeks ago I started everol conti. The last 2 days I’ve started spotting and really don’t know whether to bother continuing with Everol. The only benefit I’ve seen is that the hot flushes have stopped but I’ve started to get bloody spots on my face.

      2. Hi Karen
        I’ve just been reading this as I’m bleeding a lot on EC. Did you just stop the patches and were you ok? I’m wondering whether to just stop as I’ve been bleeding for about 5 months or do you have to wean yourself off them. Thank Lynda xx

      3. I’m on Envorel Conti 7 months also. Bleeding last few months every 2 weeks. I hadn’t had a period in 8 years . I’m cutting the patch in half for the next couple weeks to finish the box !!! It that works I’ll stay on it . Otherwise I’m going to stop taking it. I havnt felt a major difference to be honest .

      4. hi There feel little better on the e c but still get little moody and brain fog at times only problem bleeding almost every 2 weeks am really fed up with it very common I believe till ure body gets used to it well am thinking off coming off it see how I get on

    3. Hello I’m in the same boat as such, 8 months of bleeding with only 4 maybe 5 days in between when im not bleeding, no period for 5 years then start evorel conti patches and this im giving up CAN NOT stand the bleeding it heavy to my normal periods when I had them were nothing compared to this its making me down, I feel like im paying to make myself bleed and cost of prescription and sanitary products is rediculous,£ 35 to £40 a month of sanitary products because bleeding is heavy, ive had tests at hospital and all is well its the patches dr says it should calm down after 12 months but not willing to wait that long sorry but im giving in no more hrt for me

      1. Vicky your story sounds identical to mine bleeding on and off now since April, numerous examinations/ scans with gynae given all clear but the bleeding continues . Hard to decide what to do next , dread the thought of No HRT . Pray the bleeding eventually stops but as of yet doesn’t look likely .

      2. I am the same, been on them for 8 months and nowbleeding heavily every week ( I had an 8 day break this time woohoo🙄) should I visit GP or will I just be told it’s the patch?

        1. After 8 months, I’d check with my GP. Any unexpected bleeding should be examined just to rule out anything nasty. Most of the time it is nothing to worry about. Let me know how you get on x

    4. Hi Julie, hope you don’t mind me asking you, what was the outcome of your bleeding? Did it settle? I’m in a similar position to you, about 6 weeks in, but on oestrogen gel & progesterone tablets. Started with spotting but now had a heavy period for 4 days. Awaiting docs appointment but stumbled across this very useful article in the meantime.

    5. I have been on the EC patches for eight and a half months. Six months after starting the patches I had a period with really bad cramps. Six weeks later ( today) I have started a really heavy period. I am due a scan on Thursday
      I had the Mirena coil fitted at the age of forty nine for heavy bleeding. It stopped my periods instantly and I had a further two fitted. The last one at the age of fifty eight. I was still producing eggs so it was fitted as a contraceptive. That was taken out when I was sixty three. So no periods for eighteen years then two in a row. I am going to ask for the Mirena as that suited me very well.
      Hope you get it sorted out.

  7. Hi
    I have been on EC for just over 2months I am 58 and was feeling horrific before .i am a new woman on these but am so surprised with the bleeding . I haven’t had a period for well over 9 years going back to sanitary products and periods oh gosh . Also my breasts are constantly painful,big and my nipples are so so sensitive. I feel so much better in myself but do I have to endure this for long or will it stop .

    1. Hi Angela. Thanks for stopping by. It may be intermittent bleeding from the start of the HRT (happens to a lot of women), but any post-menopausal bleeding should be investigated, so give your GP a quick ring to ask. Always best to check x

      1. I’ve been on hrt for five yrs and went through scans etc as I was bleeding three weeks of the month I’m 60 this yr, my dr a man told me it was fine !! I said yr not a woman how would you know it’s not fine !! Eventually decided to speak to a lady dr, who changed my hrt, then there was a shortage, for five months no hrt, sweats etc came bk but great no periods !! But really didn’t like all the symptoms so spoke to another lady dr, who put me on the conti patches Jan 2022, thought great, feel wonderful no bleeding for about six weeks, but as the months gone on I have bled longer now 24 days and still bleeding and piled on about 2 stone !! Rung to speak to the lady dr that has not yet reviewed the patches since Jan, but can’t speak to her for another two weeks !! So fuming I said forget it !!! I’m at the point shall I stop them !!

      2. Hi my story is a little different I have been taking Fem7 oestrogen only, found out this week after taking it for 14 months,no periods or side affects I started bleeding with bad cramps,went to doctors and found out I should have been taking progesterone at the same time as I still had my womb etc. The doctor apologised and has requested a scan I was told to stop the hrt but I’m worried about how much damage could have been done? Has anyone had the same experience ..I’m still bleeding 4 days later

    2. Same for me. I’ve been using it now for 8 months before the bleeding. Wonder if I’m not absorbing the utrogesten so trying it vaginally. GP won’t agree that this really!

      1. That is interesting. I have been on EC patches for 8 months with minor spotting and am now in the middle of a massive heavy period that just won’t stop. Perhaps I should try to speak to my GP. It seems odd to start again after all this time. I have not had a period for maybe 8 years (aged 60).

  8. Hi I have been on EC for 3 years with no signs off any spotting or problems from day one , however on a long car journey recently and felt lower back/period pain and realised I’d had a short but heavy bleed…. Been to doctors and had an examination , she says everything feels look fine but to come off EC and if don’t bleed in next 6 weeks can go back on …. But if I get another bleed whilst off it then I’ll get ‘referred’ . I’m scared to come off it ‘cold turkey so might halve the patches for the next few times but I’m confused …. Could it be the EC that caused it … after 3 years with no problems I wonder? Or something more sinister in which case I’m worried about waiting 6 weeks …. Help!

    1. Hi Debs. I wish I could help. For the majority of women, post-menopausal bleeding is usually for a non-cancerous reason, such as polyps or a thinning vagina wall, but it’s something we always have to get checked out in case. You shouldn’t be left worrying, however. I would ask to see another GP and explain your fears to them. You’re entitled to have full reassurance. Go make the call today and let me know how you do xxx

    2. Ve been told the same this week. I don’t want to suddenly stop either. I was told 6 weeks then they’d consider a scan. I’m hoping if bleeding stops all is ok?

  9. Stumbled upon your site. Thank you for posting. I’m 53, on Evorel Sequi as GP says I’m not allowed on Conti until age 55 (altho NICE guidelines say 54). Bleeding a lot – at least 2 weeks out of every months. Had an ultrasound, have some fibroids. I’m going to stick with it, as I do feel better, libido has returned and I’m firm believer in the benefits of HRT (new research out about reduced Alzheimers risk wooo!) but wondering if this is it forever with the bleeding. Was wondering about paying for a consultation with the Newson clinic as they seem so very knowledgeable, far more that the average GP (no offence to GPs btw!) and wondered if anyone else had tried this service.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Juju. Louise is one of the top people and only has top people working with her, so you would be in good hands. You could also ask your GP to refer you to a menopause specialist. (I was told 55 for Conti too!) The bleeding may also settle down after a few months. Mine did after about 6 months, which isn’t what the manufacturers say (but then, they’re trying to flog HRT so they would, wouldn’t they!!!!) x

      1. Hi, I also suffer from lots of bleeding and I’m on my fifth month of patches. I was interested in your post because you said it took six months for your bleeding to settle. Is this still the case and have you continued with the patches?
        Thank you in advance for any advice 😊

        1. Hi Samantha. When they did tests, they discovered I’m still perimenopausal, so the patches I was on weren’t right for me and I had to change – which was a shame, because the symptoms had actually settled down and I was feeling good! If you continue bleeding, please see your GP and just double-check everything. x

    2. Hi, Juju . It was helpful reading your post because it was exactly me !! I’m on my fifth month of Evori patches and although I feel so much better I’m bleeding for 3 weeks every month 🥲I’ve had scans and I have fibroids w( which are slowly getting smaller ) but so much bleeding is really getting me down. My doctor has told me to preserve and I would like to try so I was wondering how you are getting on now a couple of weeks on from this post .
      Thank you

  10. Andrea Beardshall

    Hi I have been on EC for just over 2 months – now bleeding for the first time whilst using it. Related? Waiting for GP phone call to discuss.

  11. After ~4 months I had quite a major bleed. At first I thought noting of it and then Google pointed to calling my GP who promptly had me on for a check up and then booked me for a scan within 2 weeks. She advised me to stop the patches and I tore them off right away as I found the whole thing quite scary. The ultrasound didn’t show enough so I had to have the internal version which didn’t show anything too serious but they want to keep an eye on what looked like a little haemorrhaging so I’m back in 3 months. That day I decided to go with the patches again as I’d gone back to no sleep, anxiety, mood swings etc. Within a week the bleed happened again and GP advised me to stop until after my next scan. I told her that was going to be tough so she advised antidepressants which I refused. I’ve asked her to refer me to a local menopause clinic which she didn’t seem thrilled about but I just don’t think she has the knowledge to treat me. In the meantime, whilst I wait for my appointment I’m on evening primrose and pukka menopause serenity…

    1. Hi Samantha. Well done on asking to go and see a menopause clinic. We need more advice than GPs can give at times and it sounds like this is one of those times. But please, think over anti-depressants as an alternative. They have many benefits that can help menopause symptoms and may be able to help you – I’m on them and I know several other women who supplement their HRT with them. Have a wee investigate and let me know how you get on. Good luck x

  12. I started on half a patch of the everol conti patch which wasn’t quite enough for a few months. It was then upped to a full patch and all the crappy symptoms disappeared, my energy levels were back. Then the bleeding started, carrying on for 8 weeks, doctor suggested I revert back to the half patch which I did. A scan was booked and the probe! The only concern was a thickening of the uterus so a hysterectomy was booked much to my dread. However the half patch resulted in the bleeding stopping, whooppee but no energy. When I went to see the consultant and explained the change in dose and the bleeding he said the thickening was due to hrt so the camera was not necessary. Mental fist bump and cartwheels cos no bloody energy. My own doctor is now thinking about the gel, referring me back to the menopause clinic and said the increase of the risk of cancer due to possible continuous bleeding that could happen if I stayed on the patches. Now I have to wait and feel like an extra in The Walking Dead until I get my HRT.

    1. Hi Jackey. It’s good you’re getting referred to the meno clinic. I’ve been told that half a patch wasn’t a good way to go because it doesn’t guarantee an even distribution of all the hormones, so you’re not sure how much of each you’re getting. (Would love to hear from a doctor about that please.) My experiences have taught me how important lifestyle is along with HRT, although I admit I still have a long way to go on that!!! We’re told HRT is a magic pill (or gel!) that can solve all your woes, but I don’t think it’s that true for many of us. Let me know how you get on x

  13. Hi I was on Evorel conti for approx two months my weight blew up and my breast hurt like hell. The consultant changed me to ugesteron and evorel 50. Which has been fine, although my nipples still hurt but i lost some weight, so that was good. Then boom, two months in and im getting heavy breakthrough bleeding. The consultant was going to introduce some testosterone when i next speak to him in oct to help with my low libido. Im so fed up with it. Ive not had a period since i was 42, im now 56, its making me so down. Especially as ive just met a nice man after being single for 12 years.

      1. Hi 50sense
        Update on my continuing saga.
        Im on evorel 75 ugesteron 200mg and testosterone. My bleeding is still happening. In fact it has got worse since the ugesterone was increased, and it was increased to stop the bleeding.
        Ive had scans probes and a 6cm biopsy done, all clear, thank god. My choices now are to put up with the bleeding, have a coil fitted, (no Thanks) or change to a tablet that gives me a monthly bleed!!!! Im 56…….. I really cant face any more bleeding, so I really think my only option is to throw the lot away and go cold turkey………..

        1. Hi Tina, scrolling thru old posts – I’m on same HRT as you….evorel 75, 200 utrogestan and testosterone, with a vaginal gel too. I’m bleeding roughly every 2 weeks for over a year. Feel great otherwise abd don’t want to stop it and go back to feeling awful – I’ve had scans all clear. Wondered how you were ? – im seriously considering coil now – I’m 57

  14. So pleased to come across this article.
    I too have been bleeding more often than not. I have been in Evorel Conti for 7 months. I had felt so much better initially but the bleeding is getting worse and I am starting to not feel very well. My breasts hurt most of the time and beginning to worry.
    I will be calling doctors tomorrow

      1. michelle stratford

        Thankfully a doctor referred me for an urgent ultrasound scan within a few days. I’ve also had blood tests and swabs taken.
        Ultrasound showed a fibroid behind my uterus so unlikely cause of bleeding.
        I have now been referred for an urgent biopsy through my cervix.
        Blood tests were ok and swabs ok.
        Still bleeding and been advised to stay on EC until results of further tests.
        A GP who specialises in menopause and HRT us calling me after the Xmas break.
        I have not had a period for 5 years and this now feels like periods again. I get so much pain. I am 59 years young.

  15. I am 53, I hadn’t had a period for 14mths but needed HRT, so my GP put me on EC at the age of 52. I was on it for about 3 mths when the bleeds started, day before our holiday. I use menstrual cups so it didn’t bother me too much. Then 2 weeks after we got home I had another so called my doctor who suggested a six weeks break to see if it was the patches. No bleeds off them so have been back on them for about a month & I’ve had a fairly light one followed a couple of weeks later with a heavier one. I found this thread/post trying to find out how long this tends to last. I feel so much better on the HRT, so much less tired, bitchy & the hot flashes are all but gone do don’t want to have to come off, but the heavier ones are a nuisance. Will mention to my GP at my next review & maybe see if they stop after about 6 mths, if not we’ll see what she suggests then.

  16. Hi I have been on evorel conti for 9 weeks and now started spotting I was on gel and utrogestan before that but on 12th week had spotting so my dr took me off this and got me to try patches I’m really worried if it keeps up and my dr tells me to stop the patches as I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis in June and have a weak left side of jaw which I have had problems with my teeth so really want to have the hrt to help with my osteoporosis wish I was told at 50 when going through menopause about benefits of hrt as only just been trying hrt since this June has anyone else suffered headaches and backache while on patches

  17. Amanda Tattersall

    Glad to have found this page. I’m 65 and have been on Evorel Conti since June last year. My GP didn’t and probably wouldn’t prescribe for me so I bought from an online pharmacy and pay for it myself. I feel 100% better on it; no severe joint pains, sleepless nights, bad skin, feeling horrible, fat, unattractive and sexless. The first 4 months, I had no spotting at all but it’s like I’m having a montly period now, boobs get tender, tummy swells and then I have some bleeding. Initially not much but this time it’s been like a proper period but only for about 3 days and has virtually stopped now. I can’t bear to have to think about coming off it but I guess I need to go and talk to my GP? I have read it can take up to six months or so for the bleeding to settle so just wondering if I should give it a bit longer. Anyone else experienced the same?

    1. Hi Amanda. Please see your GP – HRT is very safe, but it still needs to be on your medical records and you’ll save a fortune getting it on the NHS. Buying online can be very dangerous (I know you’ve probably done your research on the pharmacy) and all medication should be with a doctor’s knowledge. Talk to your GP and tell them how much the patches have helped and that you want them on prescription. Let me know what happens. xxx

      1. Amanda Tattersall

        Thank you. I did a lot of research, having worked in the medical profession, but I know I need to talk to my GP. I’ll pluck up the courage! x

  18. I have just turned 55. No periods for 2 years so was put on sequi by mistake in august for 6 weeks then changed to conti. Breakthrough bleed and stomach cramps every 2 weeks, then nothing for 3 weeks and 4 days haha I count! And bloody painful boobs and bleeding constantly 20 days so far! Gp telephone call yesterday she asked me to come to the surgery so she could examine me and told me to stop the hrt patches and booked me in for an urgent scan and a possible biopsy. Am so fed up of it all. Wanted HRT as I couldn’t cope any longer with hot flushes and I had tried every other product available! So the plan now is to.wait and see the scan results then possibly switch to another HRT! X

  19. I am 52 and had my last period 4 years ago. I suffered awful menopause symptoms and for a long time until I gave in and spoke to a Dr. I started Evorel Conti in October and started bleeding in late November. Apart from a few days break I have bled continuously until now. I spoke with a nurse at my surgery who said this was normal in the first few months but I am starting to worry as bleeding for 2 months does not seem normal and I cannot find out much information on it.

    1. Hi Jill. Can you go back and speak to your GP. A nurse won’t have the knowledge you need (or the ability to refer you to a specialist). Most bleeding is nothing serious (especially when you’re just starting a new HRT regime) but it is always best to get it checked out. You need a second opinion even if it is only to put your mind at rest. x

      1. I will do that, thank you! It is difficult to get to speak to a Dr where I am, due to COVID and a nurse rang me after I filled in an online consultation form. I need to be firmer and have a proper conversation with the Dr that prescribed them to me. I feel sooo much better on the patches but this is a very unwanted side effect. The ironic thing is that the bleeding has almost stopped today and has turned into spotting. I am hoping this means I am turning a corner with it but don’t want to get my hopes up. Thank you for your help.

    2. I’m 52 and been on Evorel Conti since last April 2021 and I have had nothing but bleeds since June2021! My monthly’s stopped completely 2013 when my mam passed away, so to have bleeds none stop since taking EC worried me! I’ve been to the doctors today, and been booked in for an emergency scan! Doctor also told me to stop the patches until I’ve had a scan, and seen the gynaecologist! I’m so glad I’ve found lots of ladies who’ve got the same problem!

  20. I’m nearly 63 and have been on Evorel Conti for three months. Feeling good but had a bleed for a fortnight and now for three weeks with no sign of stopping. How long should I persist before asking for a change?

  21. I was switched from everol to everol conti a few weeks ago and after not bleeding at all on the everol,
    I’ve now only had a few days without heavy bleeding. I’m phoning the doctor tomorrow as it’s just terrible,
    I found your post by googling this problem, like so many it seems!

  22. Hi I’m 56
    I had been on an emotional roller coaster and finally went to see my GP as I was at a really low point. I had been using herbal remedies initially that did appear to help my menopause symptoms.
    Since starting the Evorel Conti patches I’m feeling so much better in myself, sleeping better, no hot sweats & generally feeling in a much better place. I have been on Evorel Conti since November 2021. In the 3 months since starting I’ve had the equivalent of 4 “periods”. Prior to starting the patches I hadn’t had a period for 2 & half years. The last bleed lasted 16 days! I have also experienced period cramps & bloating. After speaking to my GP for a 3 month review she has now referred me for a fast track ultrasound & Hysteroscopy. I asked why the hysteroscopy was booked in even before I’ve had the ultrasound done & was informed that was the usual procedure? I’m quite anxious about it but am trying to convince myself that it’s the hrt patch causing the bleeding. There was no mention of stopping the patches, I’m wondering if I should? The plus effects of the patches kicked in so quickly & I’m worried about the old symptoms returning with vengeance!
    With these patches does the bleeding ever stop completely? Or is it something you have to put up with?

  23. I too like others found this site unexpectedly and put my mind at ease. I’m 57 and started everol conti in August 2021. Within a few weeks my fog brain, joint pain, moodiness, flushes, anxiety etc virtually disappeared and I felt good. I only experienced slight spotting to begin with. 6 months on I have had continuous but light bleeding for 2 weeks which is nothing like a lot of ladies have described above who seem to be having heavy bleeding. I stopped the patches 2 days ago and have Dr appt in 3 weeks. I can feel my joint pain coming back and moodiness so really hoping it’s nothing serious and I can go back on batches or take something else. Is there anywhere else I can get recommendations beside Drs? Thnx

  24. I have been on EC for four years and have bleeds that last for a week or two every couple of months or so, randomly with no regularity.
    I have had a scan and scope couple of years ago all were fine. Gynaecologist said it must be how my body reacts to the H R T. Not to worry unless bleeding becomes really heavy. I have found that if a patch has come loose I will experience a bleed , so it’s something worth looking out for.

  25. Omg. I’m so glad I came across this page. I’ve been on hrt patches for nearly a year and they’ve seriously positively changed my life. But, 2 weeks ago I started bleeding. I’ve already been seen at the hospital and like lots of you, I’ve had an internal scan, a camera and a biopsy taken. The doctor said she could see lots of blood but couldn’t see anything worrying. I’m awaiting biopsy results. Really do not want to stop my patches. I no longer feel alone. Thank you everyone.

    1. Hello all.
      I’m glad I found this site. I started on Everel conti a few months ago and just started bleeding. I called my doc and he booked me in for a scan straight away. It was confirmed that the womb thickening to 6mm and now I need a biopsy and I’m so scared now .

      1. Easier said than done, I know, but try not to worry. A friend also had to have a biopsy for a thick womb and it was okay – the cells were all normal. Plus you’re in the best hands if it were to be anything more. Please let me know how you get on, Madelyn x

  26. Iv been on everol conti for several years with no problems. Late last year (late November) my GP added everol 50 patches to wear with the Conti patch as my night sweats had returned. However I had a period in January this year and then again in February and since then have been bleeding almost every day. Some days heavier than others. She reduced the dose of the everol 50 to everol 25 and has referred me to a gynecologist. After reading about bleeding online I got scared and have reverted back to just the Conti patch. That was last week. I’m still bleeding but feeling less bloated. Anything iv read online talks about using everol 50 for two weeks and the Conti for next two weeks but Iv been wearing them together, as instructed by GP. Do you think it’s been too much and this is what has caused my bleeding?

    1. Hi Lylah. I’m not medically trained so doubling up on patches is well out of my area. However, all that progesterone could be the reason you’re bleeding so much rather than something more serious. Do you hae a date for your gynae appointment?

      1. Lorraine O'Donnell

        Hi, I always thought progesterone would stop the bleed and it was too much estrogen that could cause bleeding?

        1. It can be too much oestrogen or not enough progesterone. We moved to the coil because I need progesterone to protect my womb and this is the last chance with HRT.

  27. Really useful information. Started Evorel Conti aged 59, 7 years post menopause because I was diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis (-2.5) and didn’t want to take bisphosphonates. Ten days in, I feel terrible – bloated, periody, weight gain, tender swollen breasts and extremely painful red hard nipples plus it’s affecting my mood – feeling tearful and hopeless. Teleconsult with Dr suggested either persevering or switching to an estradiol gel plus utrogest oral capsules. (She recommended 12 days on then stopping even though I think this would restart bleeding). Don’t know whether to switch now as there are so many side effects and I can vary the amount of gel or else give the Evorel Conti more time. After 7 years, the estrogen is probably quite a shock to the system even though the Conti seems to be mid-range dose wise. Could it be a better approach to start low and titrate upwards? Some people have spoken about cutting patches in two. Thanks

    1. Hi Sarah. If you are post-menopausal, you would take the utrogestan every day (one tablet per day) rather than the two weekly version. This way you wouldn’t have a bleed. It does take time for your body to settle to the new hormones, too. I tended to wait three months to see if they had helped x

  28. Hi there
    Stumbled across this site after days and days of frightened googling. I’m 53 and have been on kliofem continuous HRT tablets since summer 2020. The year before I’d been on it but switched back to sequential patches by Dr when I’d had some bleeding after 7 months. Patches then became impossible or to get! I was loving evorel sequi. I’ve been fine on kliofem since I started back although I have constant sore breasts, anxiety and aches and pains, but I do at least sleep and no hot flushes. Christmas/January I missed some tablets (3 days adrift somehow) and started spotting which dragged on into Feb with the odd bit of cramps, like mild period pains. When I checked in with Dr on telephone she referred me through a 2WW cancer pathway to rule out endometrial cancer. Frightened the living s&@t out of me. I had the initial appointment last Saturday and no sonographer on hand so Gynae did a rather unexpected biopsy which hurt. I was not told to expect it…TVUS Scan is Monday. I wasn’t worried until all this pathway stuff. I thought bleeding was linked to kliofem again. Now after three weeks googling I could pass an exam in cancer of the womb and I’ve convinced myself it’s the worst news. I know getting it checked is the right thing but oh the fear!!! Xx

    1. Your doctor is being belt and braces, Julie, and rightly so. There are many reasons why you could be bleeding – including like me: you’re still perimenopausal and so the continuous HRT isn’t right for you. Mine was as simple as that. Please let me know how you get on – I’m at [email protected] x

      1. It’s all clear thank goodness. Nothing abnormal in scans and biopsies.
        I need to change up the HRT perhaps to a coil, but not the diagnosis I feared. Thank you for the website and your kindness in a very dark time Lizzie. It has been a very long five weeks. Keep well x

  29. Hi, I’ve been on Evorel cont since November, I’m 68 and couldn’t put up with the hot flushes, brain fog and sleeplessness any longer. Bleeding started after 2 months, heavy, regular, 7 day bleed every 28 days. Was referred to gynaecologist who found and removed polyps. He recommended I stay on patches, stared bleeding again and the go says he will not prescribe any more, note he. I can’t go back to the menopause side effects but can’t be having these bleeds at my age. There must be an alternative but he says not. Just feeling so desperate now

    1. Ask for your local NHS menopause specialist. Also, ask your GP why you can’t have oestrogen gel/patch and utrogestan for your progesterone and what is his reasoning for that. There is more than one choice of HRT! Go get them, Sue!!!!

  30. Hi
    Reading everyones experiences makes me feel not alone!
    I was a gnats away from a full year without a bleed then full on heavy bleed, clotting etc… then a few months off then on and off for the last few weeks. I am on gel & utrogestan which has stopped flushes & I generally felt better.
    Been to Dr’s several times then sent for a scan last week – all normal but still very heavy bleeding. No one seems worried apart from me!
    It’s horrible not sure what to do, a sarcastic Dr said I could try a coil it was the only option left…. Sarcasm doesn’t help… like everyone else has commented it’s so difficult to get straight answers.

  31. What a great site. I started the gel and progesterone pill last night (I also take pop only contraceptive pill) haven’t had a period since goodness knows when (because of the POP) now bleeding this morning. I can’t.cope with periods as well at the moment will this stop?

  32. Glad I came across this ! Turned 55 a few months ago.
    10 months on Evorel Sequi, have had monthly bleeds, they became longer and spotting continuously. Ultrasound done a few days ago, polyp removed, a few smal fibroids, awaiting endometrial biopsy results. Gynaecologist said I might still be getting periods… ! Mad appetite increase and weight gain coupled with energy dropping off a cliff, brain fog and flat menopausal low mood, so apart from better sleep, I’m not sure Evorel is doing me any good. Awaiting results and discussion with my GP.

  33. Hiya, really glad I’ve found this. Good to know I’m not alone. I’m 49 and have been on ec just over a year. Felt so much better but the last three weeks have been bleeding on and off. Sometimes really heavy with clots. I’ve been to the drs had the swabs done ( need to call tomorrow for results) and they referred me to the hospital. My appointment is Friday so it has all been handled really quickly. I also have been on cerelle birth control for maybe 6 years and haven’t had a period in that time. Terrified about Friday , I have an incompetent cervix that tilts and lots of scar tissue from an horrific labour years ago. Need to put a brace face on but I really just want to hide and hope it all stops

  34. I started on Evoril Conti about 3 years ago and like many on here I had small bleeds or spotting for most of the time so after about 18 months the doctor changed me to Evoril Sequi which gives you a regular albeit a heavy bleed once a month for about 5 days but was more manageable for my love life with my younger man and for holidays etc but after 6 months of this the doctor called me and said I cant stay on them as they are meant to be short term only so then put me back on Conti. Again I had spotting and the odd bleed so they sent me for tests which proved I had fibroids and ovarian cysts but after an op to look at them they decided to leave them alone and the bleeding must be the HRT, so again this year the doctor changed me back to Sequi and so I am back to bleeding extremely heavily once a month. Surely these are not the only two options out there? My friend has oestrogen gel and progesterone tablet and is fine with that but apparently this is the expensive option so they wont prescribe it. Its a HRT lottery out there to ladies of a certain age and surely the main joy of being this age is meant to be no more periods or spending £25 a month on huge pads and tampons that can only have been made with the larger and more experienced lady in mind.

  35. This article has been a lifeline for me, thank you.
    I am 51, and started taking Evorel Conti after 3 years of no periods. After about 4 months on them I started bleeding, not all of the time but more frequently and more painful than a regular period. But the symptoms of joint pain, grumpiness, hot flushes etc had really improved – yay! And it is the best option for Osteopenia apparently. So I was just accepting the periods until I read this after about 8 months of bleeding.
    I spoke to a GP who said that my body wasn’t ready for EC and prescribed Evorel Sequi and arranged an ultrasound to “eliminate anything serious”
    After doing research the Sequi seemed to be going backwards as it encourages bleeding every month. (I might be misunderstanding that though) but I spoke to a different doctor who said it would be ok and I went ahead with the Sequi.
    I’m only a week into the first stage of these patches ( the Evorel 50) and my symptoms seem to be creeping back, mood swings, aching joints, forgetfulness and had a period, woke up in the middle of the night with “ pregnant boobs”! (when they are as hard as a rock and hurt if you go within 6 feet of them!) No fun and no benefit.
    Have got the ultrasound this afternoon, so I shall be crossing my legs as a pint and a half might be breaking point for my bladder!
    Hoping the follow up call with the GP will give some clarity as this is making me want to ditch it altogether.

      1. Thanks, scan was ok but an ovary was hiding! Lining is slightly thicker than they think it should be on someone taking HRT (expect up to 5mm but showing 6.5) but said everything looked ok.
        But the GP just called and wants me to see a gynaecologist next week for them to check and possibly take biopsy. She did mention cancer so now I’m worried!

        1. My lining was slightly thicker too but everything was fine. The GP has to let you know every possibility, but while cancer is top on their list to look out (thankfully), there are a whole load of other reasons it could be too. You’re in good hands with the GP and gynae. Let me know how you get on xxx

          1. Well that was fun! It seems I am like you with a difficult cervix and they couldn’t find the route through to the womb so I will have to return and have it done under a general. I didn’t realise that the route through the cervix was like a maze with different paths with dead ends!

  36. Hi ladies. I’m 58 post menopause and no periods for 6-7 years. I started on 2 pumps Oestrogel and continuous Utrogestan May 2021 and it seemed to suit me, it helped most of my symptoms. Because of the shortage of gel I changed to Evorel Conti March 2022, I felt really good on them but 5 weeks in I had a period lasting 6 days then 11 days later another! I was going to wait and see if I settle with the patches but after reading many comments on here the bleeding seems to be continuing for more than a few months. Who wants a period again after being period free for 6-7 years? That’s the only good thing about menopause. The patches are a lot less faffing than the gel so I was so disappointed.

    Julie x

    1. The gel is a pain, but it’s the only thing that helps me. New HRT can cause some bleeding, but let your GP know in case they want to investigate futher x

  37. Hello everyone my HRT journey has lead to to try just about every method on the market pills,,patches gel ,spray and the dreaded Utrogestan after about 2 years of being on and off it I finally gave in and settled for gel / Utrogestan but after 2 months bleed and cramps dr took me off for 6 weeks to see if it settled which it did trued to go natural but no sleep hot hot flushes aching joints lead me back on the road this time did Lanzetta spray and Utrogestan vaginally every other night Success for 7 months felt great then BAM woke up with horrendous cramps and huge bleed clots and period like symptoms dr took me off again and fast tracked me an appointment for scan /biopsy as my mother passed with womb cancer so scared I’m thinking of asking for an hysterectomy as I can’t live in fear of every time I start to crack hrt it just rejects my body 😩

    1. Hi Tina. This sounds horrendous. Have you a local NHS menopause specialist you could ask to see? I am getting good results with the Mirena Coil and Oestrogel – not 100% perfect, but near enough that I can live life again. x

  38. Really happy I found this forum! I’ve been on EC for three months and started bleeding a few weeks after I started. Been to see my GP and had my scan today, the sonographer said the lining was thick and gynae will call me to discuss. She was very unhelpful and harsh. I’m so worried now and just waiting to hear something.

    1. I was 4 weeks in started bleeding quite heavily with small clots for 7 days. Had 5 days off and started again 4 days ago and not stopped. I’d rather not take HRT than put up with this, I had my last period in 2014 aged 47! HRT has eased my terrible joint pain especially in my hands and the constant inner heat I had (rather than hot flushes). I also take it in the hope it will guard against osteoporosis amongst other things. I think I need to speak to my GP and decide whether to persevere a bit longer or call it a day.

  39. Just stumbled across this site, I have been on Evorel Conti since October last year, my mirena coil was reaching the end of its life. Blood tests revealed I was menopausal (my husband said he could have vouched for that !) so I finally addressed my moods, my anxiety, flushes etc and started HRT, it has been a godsend and I finally started to feel like me again. I had a smear test scare which was finally investigated at the colposcopy clinic and everything was given the all clear, whilst at the clinic I asked them to remove my mirena coil. This was in March , I was fine for about a month and then I started to bleed lightly which I thought was just my body settling but now I am getting what I feel a periods every few weeks after nothing since the coil was fitted originally 6 years ago, I have started to raid the teenage step daughters sanitary draw and my hot flushes are starting to return I have another 6 weeks left of this round of patches and was wondering to leave it to my HRT review in 6 weeks or speak to the GP sooner. After all the tests at the colposcopy clinic I am fairly sure everything is in order “downstairs “ but I had thought my period days were behind me I am 55 in November

    1. Hi Paula. It could be your body settling and that you’re still perimenopausal (like me), but I’d give your GP a call and just have a check. Always best to be on the safe side x

    2. I’m absolutely the same Paula. I had my Mirena coil removed at 55. Have had several fitted since age of 37 due to heavy periods, and it was seriously life changing. At the same time I discussed HRT with an advanced practitioner nurse (seems to be assigned to all things HRT in our GP!) for low moods, brain fog, lack of sleep etc. I originally asked for tablets but because of my weight range they’re classed as high risk so Evorol Sequi was initially prescribed. All well for about 6 weeks till I had the heaviest bleed I’ve ever experience – thought I was hemorrhaging at one stage! Went back again and she suggested switching to Everol Conti – now bleeding every 2 weeks. Not as heavy admittedly but still very like a very heavy period. The bleeding is now outweighing any benefits I felt with HRT. The nurse during one consultation admitted removing the mirena coil hadn’t been the best advice but said to get one refitted now , can be very painful at my age!!! If I thought bleeding on the patches would last at best a few months and then settle I could probably persevere but going by stories I’m reading here that seems to rarely happen. Close to tearing the HRT patches off, just doesn’t feel worth it at the moment. Now been at APN about 4 times since Nov – and just feel like a constant bother – she refers to a book every time I’m there so doesn’t exactly in-still me with confidence . Of course other thoughts of cancer etc creeping in which doesn’t help and I have a history of ovarian cysts! Who’d be a women eh!

  40. Omg this is so enlightening that people are having the same problem been on evorel for 8 months the patches no bleeding until bam every two weeks bleeding for anything up to a week at a time setting a cons as I really cannot deal with the unpredictability of the bleeding….

    1. I’m having the same issue. Was fine for a year and then started heavy bleeding every 2 or 3 weeks. No other symptoms; I feel fine. Doc stopped all my HRT for 6 weeks which was awful (not immediately but anxiety overload after 4 weeks) also an internal ultrasound but nothing untoward found so I’m back in HRT and waiting for a Mireya coil which will, hopefully, stop the bloody bleeding!!

  41. Hi. I had been on Evorel 50 patches for about 5 years with no problems when I had a sudden bleed. Got referred to hospital, had the internal probe/scan & was told everything was normal but she was concerned that I still had a Mirena coil in (had it put in in my early 40s for excessive heavy bleeding) that was way past it’s removal date!! GP practice had failed to notify me it needed removing. Hospital said this was probably the cause of current bleeding & to get it removed. Had coil removed & everything fine. A year later I started bleeding again. GP said my HRT prescription should have been changed when coil was removed a year ago & that might be why I was bleeding again. Changed me to Evorel Conti & referred me to hospital again just to be sure. Since being on EC for 6 weeks I’ve had 3 periods of 5-7 days! Had to cancel hospital appointment cos I currently have Covid! Having researched (& read this forum) I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about & just a settling in period (no pun intended) but there’s still a part of me that worries. Especially when I think that my GP practice had basically left me for years with only estrogen going into my body & the risks of that!

  42. Very pleased to find this page, I’m 53 and been on E C patches happily for 3 years but 6 weeks ago had a very light bleed for several days and it’s just started again now – I’ve not contacted the GP, perhaps I should, but bleeding seems to happen having read these messages – it’s a nuisance as feel as if I have period symptoms, blasting and super tired, but can’t work out why this is happening now?

    1. Hi Rachel. Please contact your GP about this. All unexpected bleeding needs to be investigated just in case. It may just be that you need a change of HRT, but always better safe xxx

  43. Vanessa Aquilina

    Hi. I’m literally crying reading this page. I turned 50 in February this year. My periods stopped dead 8 years ago. I only started having menopause symptoms, hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog etc last year. I was put on EC in November but started bleeding after 3 months. I was then put on the gel and tablets, which made me feel like a complete zombie. The doctor put me back on EC this May, and since then i seem to be bleeding quite heavily at least every two weeks! I started yet again yesterday. I’ve had enough and really don’t know what to do. I just feel like giving up completely… It was nice to read your page as it seems I’m not the only one going through this. Thank you.

    1. Hey Vanessa. I am so sorry to hear you feel this way. It can take a few months for the EC to settle so it may just be that. Please don’t feel like giving up. There may be other combinations that can help too x

  44. I’m 58 and started EC patches end of February and almost immediately felt like my old self but after 5 weeks started to bleed only lightly which has continued on and off ever since, but never needed to use anything more than panty liners.I was told by my doctor this would last 4-6 months while my body adjusted but it continues after that investigation would be advised. I haven’t had a period or breakthrough bleeding since they naturally stopped just after my 54th birthday it’s only since staring the patches. It’s very interesting to find this site and now realize I’m not alone!

  45. Elizabeth Stevens

    I’ve been on evorel 75 patches & started off with 100mg utrogestan I was feeling my old self for a few months & sleeping then I started bleeding lightly on & off so the dr upped my utrogestan to 200mg I stopped bleeding for a week then it started again but heavier, this has been going on since may I’ve been bleeding more than I haven’t !! I’m on 300mg of utrogestan now but it’s not stopping so now the drs changing it to provera to c if that stops the bleeding, I really don’t want to stop hrt as my other symptoms have gone apart from this but it’s worse than when I was having my monthly’s

  46. Hi
    I was started on EC in June (after turning 50 in feb) I’ve been suffering for good couple of years I’d say (didn’t realise how bad untill i starting HRT) anyway after a few weeks bleed for 10 days and heavy which is unusual for me even after having my children! Then week off, week on, week off , week on (you all following) I stated bleeding again Friday but looks like I’ve stopped today, I have just put this down to my body getting used to the patch!!! I feel amazing like others have said ‘ back to myself again ‘ it’s fantastic, I’m due my 3 month review in a couple of weeks also go on holiday in 3 weeks (child free) and I don’t think I want to start changing and messing about with some other treatments, also it’s worried me that some of you said your gp wouldn’t start you on EC because you are to young!!!!

  47. Hi there, came across this site from a menopause Facebook group & glad to know I’m not alone! My HRT is different to most of you – I’m on oestrogen gel & utrogestan tablets. Started about 6 weeks ago, after a couple of weeks had some spotting, but 5 days ago started with a heavy period. Got an appointment with GP in a couple of days, but have a query in the meantime for those of you bleeding – is it bright red blood like when you cut yourself? Mine is which seems unusual when my periods (10 years ago) were dark red with clots!

    1. Yes, my bleeding is bright red too. Thanks for sharing as it helps to know I’m not the only person wondering about this

  48. I was started on gel and micronised progesterone in July 2021 (aged 52) after no periods for over a year. Some existing oral symptoms worsened and this was blamed on the tablets so I was moved to Evorel Sequi in January 2022. On those I was bleeding for three out of every four weeks so at my review in May I was put on Conti as “it’s the withdrawal from progesterone that makes you bleed”. I’ve been on Conti since the end of May and have bled constantly since then. GP just keep saying that “it’s normal on HRT” but I said I wasn’t happy as it didn’t “feel” normal and to be frank I really miss having sex! So in August I was referred for a scan…. my appointment is next week (two week urgent referral was refused at first). The doctors haven’t set eyes on me in five years, I have to take my own blood pressure. I am seriously considering just giving up on HRT 😞

  49. So, I started Evoril Conti at 40 – after years of secondary amenorrhea (yay no periods) it was recommended to protect my bones – and also alleviate some of the exhaustion I had (dry skin, tiredness, etc) I held off so long but eventually came home one day, tired and a little low, stuck a half patch on my ass and didn’t look back.

    almost a year later (still using a half patch at a time – and yes sometimes they fell off) I started getting bleeds, just a couple of days at a time but with no regularity really – I wouldn’t know – I’d never had periods – so it sucks. The doctor suggested waiting 6 months or so and see if it settles, he told me to use the full patch.

    I’m honestly hating having these mini periods – and wonder if it has rebooted what I never had (Initially they stopped with a very low body weight and stress – and never returned in 20 years) or that the influx of hormones meets peri-menopause. Help!

  50. I am on Evorel Conti and have been for 9 months. I feel great on them but like many others, am getting fed up with constant spotting and bleeding throughout the month which is very inconvenient. My GP has prescribed 75mg dose of Cerelle, a progesterone tablet I am 57 and went through the peri menopause from 46 and menopause around 50. I haven’t had a period of years (apart from the artificial one with Evorel Conti patches). I haven’t started the Cerelle yet as one of the reasons I wanted patches is because I didn’t want to take things orally. I don’t actually have any menopausal symptoms now but want to replace the oestrogen I’ve lost. Any advice please? I read the leaflet and there seem to be some alarming side effects with Cerelle.
    What about Utrogestan? Is that better? Not as strong? It’s such a minefield. Or patches that do both?


  51. I should say that my GP sent me for an ultrasound scan to check there were no underlying reasons for the bleeding but it was fine and there are no problems with my ovaries so it’s just the HRT.

  52. I started on the gel and tablets…I felt good then the periods started with stomach cramps so bad I couldn’t get out of bed,heavy bleeds…then I couldn’t get the gel…now I’m on the ec, a week in I started with a heavy period and the stomach cramps badly again, I’ve been to the hospital for scans and an internal scan and things are fine.
    .im also on the tablets that you put in internally for vaginal dryness,but every two weeks I’m on a period I get pmdd the week before and headaches, I’ve been on it for nearly 3 months, I even get hot sweats just before the period and I’m so tired it’s ridiculous, I’ve woke up this morning and I’ve bleed through to my bed sheets, I’m feeling awful, didn’t have any periods before starting hrt, but was getting all menopause symtoms, I’m at my wits end

  53. Yes, same here with 6 months of 2 weekly bleeding on evorel conti. Heavy with clots. I have started to cut my patches in half since the beginning of September (thinking the pestrogen dose is too high for me) and I havent had any breakthrough bleeds since. I know I should have discussed this with my GP and not took it upon myself but I had already had an internal scan a few months previous for another matter and nothing untoward was highlighted but it was too much to cope with and the fatigue was becoming overwhelming.

    1. Hi Jay. Please go and talk to your GP – I’ve been told the medication on patches isn’t spread evenly over the patch, so you can’t be sure you’re getting the right amount of progesterone you need to protect your womb. I know some healthcare providers say it’s okay (isn’t that the way with HRT – one group says one thing, another the opposite!!!), but it’s best to check with your own GP for up-to-date advice.

  54. Hi, I’ve noticed that they’ve put a sticker over the evorel conti patches. So when the sticker is peeled off it reveals that underneath is the polish version which is called systen conti, I’m not sure if it’s an old brand of the evorel patches. But I think this is the reason for the bleeding.

  55. I can’t believe I found this incredibly helpful site after much searching and getting the usual medical schtik about “it’s normal” and “see your GP if it lasts more than xyz”. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and experiences. I started EC a few months ago and everything was going swimmingly, until the torrential period which I’ve now had for 10 days and no sign of stopping (and the diabolical period pain). Even when I was menstrating my periods only lasted a few days at the most and not nearly as heavy. Went to GP today and while she suspects it’s the HRT, and advised I discontinue for the time being, I’ve been lined up for all the scans to ensure it’s nothing sinister. I can’t recall which of you said this but it couldn’t be any more accurate that women’s sexual and reproductive health is so terribly under-researched and so vaguely understood. Surely the manufacturers of EC and similar HRTs have a duty to fully understand the side effects of this, rather than putting women through protracted and costly examinations, ultrasounds and other uncomfortable “probing” expeditions? Not to mention the worry that waiting for the results causes. It beggars belief. Wishing you all strength.

  56. Hi I’ve just stumbled across your site. Thank you. I’ve just turned 46 and have suffered heavy periods all my life. There’s no reason for it, just unlucky. I’ve had various scans and ultrasounds over the years and more recently it was suggested I had a womb ovulation or a hysterectomy which I don’t want so I went to a private specialist.
    I was prescribed two combined pills a day 3 months ago and an hrt patch, the theory was that my ovaries would be kind of turned off. The bleeding isn’t as heavy as usual but I basically bleed every day then when my actual period kicks then it’s as bad as always. I’ve maybe had two weeks with of odds days in 3 months when I haven’t bled.
    I didn’t have any peri menopausal symptoms but now I feel hormonal most of the time!
    I am more energised overall and haven’t gained weight but as with every time I go on the pill I’m up a bra cup size, feel sweaty and feel and (I think) look bloated.
    So today I decided to come off the pill. I’m keeping going with the patches though as they may be helping my mood in some way but it’s hard to isolate what’s doing what unless I make a change.
    Since then the private doctor I saw isn’t practising and the NHS did a hysteroscopy which was all clear.
    I’m sick of all to be honest!

  57. I’m 52, been on gel and utrogestan for 4 years . Was in peri when i first started so on the 12 days a month of utrogestan regime . Had 4 heavy painful bleeds in last 8 weeks so called GP . She’s told me to come off hrt for 6 weeks and will see her again then. i’m on day 5 of no hrt and shit i feel rough i’m not sure how i’m going to last 6 weeks. i have health anxiety and this is frightening me to death . I know i have to wait six weeks and there’s nothing i can do . I have nobody to offload my worries to . i could ring gp again and in meantime i’m imagining all sorts , but it takes ages to even get a telephone appointment.
    So i’m just offloading here . Can any of the ladies who read this tell me how they got on after waiting the 6 weeks , did you go back on HRT and get back to enjoying life . Hrt withdrawals are evil 😬😬

    1. I understand how you’re terrified I’m feeling the same. I’m 56 and on utrogestan and everol patch nearly one year in and though had few breakthrough bleeds now bleeding horrendous worse than any time in my life. My gp told me keep taking hrt but has fast tracked me to have scan and examination in 11 days. Seems like where you live affects doctors response. I live in the North East. Good luck and hope your symptoms improve. We’re not alone in going through this worrying time.

  58. It really helped me, reading your article; Like so many other women on here, I came across it looking for info too and was glad to find yours. Thank you so much.

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone with the right medical mindset would collate all the feedback (from so many patients) and analyse it to everyone’s support and help?

    There’s clearly a wealth of valuable information running throughout so many people’s experiences.

  59. I’m 56 and have been on EC for 7 months. I’ve had a period on and off every two weeks. And I’m bloated all the time. The only time it stopped was when I went on holiday and worked abroad for 6 weeks, but 4 weeks ago they came back and really heavy.
    I lost my mum to cervical Cancer when I was 11 years old. My mum was only 34. Thanks to Bupa I have a check-up every year and now waiting for my next Ultra sound appointment after 13 months. My doctor thinks it’s nothing serious and she will change my patches to creams and tablets and see how I get on. Fingers crossed 🙂

  60. great to read this. On patch and pill combo and started bleeding after taking for month. Now having reg bleeds which is not great being as I did not have one for year before going on this. Took break and then went back on, bleeding after 2 weeks. I’ll give it one more month and then coming off for while and see what happens. Clear smear before going on so fingers crossed nothing bad. Reaction from doctor, if happens again, let me know as need to do emergency scan but I guess if you are putting in hormones that weren’t there you may get periods again. Umm not the best advice from only doctor that deals with the menopause in my practice. Thank you Ladies.

  61. Stumbled across this post. Similar situation. I’m on estrogen gel (2 pumps) & progesterone. Started last March. Felt amazing then the bleeding started about two months in. It lasted for weeks. I had terribly heavy, painful, life disrupting periods so was not happy. Called my GP and she said to stop all HRT. Had an ultrasound and from that a uterine biopsy. Terribly long anxiety inducing wait…staffing issues here in Canada in our healthcare lead to massive delays. Finally got the all clear (fibroids & polyps). Started HRT again…felt great again…sleeping, no brain fog or hot flushes. However, started bleeding. It’s exhausting, no energy. Will plug along. Calling Dr again. She mentioned possibly removing the polyps. That may be the next step.

  62. What a fantastically useful thread.
    I had a cancer scare in 2003 and as a result had both ovaries removed. Then followed 10 plus years of HRT as I was thrown into surgical menopause. Not fun. After a couple of hideous months I was put on HRT. Over the years I was prescribed various pills designed to give a monthly bleed. Some days of the month were good, a lot weren’t. Some pills that suited went out of production. Eventually a male Dr told me ‘You are a bit old for HRT now’ and stopped my pills. Then followed a second menopause which ‘settled’ into a ‘forever time’ of sweats, joint pain, tiredness…you know.. The most overwhelming symptom was a feeling that my internal temperature had been reset to ‘high’. The slightest exertion resulted in sweat pouring down my back. (I ring church bells and spent a lot of time in dark clothes with my back to the wall) Eventually, probably because my lovely old mum nagged me to I went back to the Drs (phone call nowadays) and as menopause is now the flavour of the moment I wasn’t turned away but instead prescribed patches. Tried these but still achy etc after months, went back to Dr and was given everil conti patches which I’ve been on for a couple of months.
    Fine at first. These suited me well until the bleeding started.
    Bleeding is very heavy with clots, and almost constant, I think four days of freedom so far. I use tampons and huge pads. Feel like I’m wearing nappies. And the cost of products is ridiculous.
    I couldn’t go Christmas shopping, or to do’s and more importantly my 91 year old Mum needs me to care for her, making her bed, shopping and so on and I’ve had to stay away because of this. Also my lovely guy was welcomed back home from a trip abroad by separate bedrooms.
    So decision made. I have ripped the little bugger off my thigh. I’m not living like this.
    Just to be on the safe side Drs appointment booked, though of course in two weeks time and I had to fight to see a Dr rather than the nurse. Also I might add could not get through to surgery and in the end went there only to have to explain my symptoms in front of a queue of men. Huge embarrasment. I’m always embarrassed by the whole scenario of periods etc, I hate those adverts that pop up on tv with people pouring liquid onto pads. Really!!
    Anyway. That’s got it off my chest (which has also started to become uncomfortable, no joke when you are an E cup)
    Good luck to all on here!
    Frankly it is ridiculous that we can explore outer space, have all the advances in science we have and yet women are still suffering from this age old problem.

  63. Great but also not great to read the comments. Great as I’m have been starting to worry as I keep getting a 10-12 day bleeding period then 2 weeks not and I have another 12 days. So although I’m waiting for a Gyno appointment I do think I’ll switch back to the gel as it’s defo the patch causing so much bleeding. The bleeding is first like a typical period, then the period stops, then starts again but with fresh blood as opposed to the old wall of the womb lining blood. 😳😒

    1. I have only been taking this for 3 months and then in the past 2 weeks I have been bleeding heavy with very big clots. I have just sent my doctors an e consult as I’m very worried now 😞 as the bleed has soiled my trousers etc. I have not had a period for at least 2 and a half years. Not sure what I should do 😞

  64. I don’t know what to do, I’m 53 and have been using hrt patches and utrogestan for over a year now and after a recent scare of having a hysteroscopy due to bleeding I was told I had a thickening of the womb but thankfully the biopsy came back clear, I was advised to have the mirena coil fitted but when I went back to have this done I got a different doctor who told me that I don’t need it because the utrogestan does the same thing and to carry on taking that.
    I’m still having breakthrough bleeding what should I do?

  65. Has anyone continued on Evorel Conti patches after it caused bleeding but all tests scan etc were all clear?
    I felt great on the patches but 5 months in bleeding started. I have all necessary checks and options now are Femeston Conti or to stay on Evorel Patches.
    Very tempted to stay on patch but will bleeding ever stop? And if not, does anyone know if there is something you can take to help stop the bleeding?

  66. Im 58yrs..hadnt a period in over 18mths & that one was a one off & very light & only
    lasted a couple of days then…On EC 50 since mid Sep ,22..sorted flushes but the best result was I got my legs & energy levels back again…I do the gym 3 times a week anyways for the past 5 yrs , but struggled to go for a long walk due to pain & extreme tightness in my hips & legs..I had reached the stage of enviously watching people , some much older than me , out walking & enjoying it & felt like a prisoner in my own body…I bit the bullet & saw my gp who started me on EC 50 , it took about 3 wks to notice a different, no side affects , so she gave me a 6mths prescription for them…
    Then around 23rd Dec I noticed spotting, knew this was possible so just kept an eye.. but it continued into Jan, nothing major , very light but got it checked out with my doc…she did a smear & still waiting for results..said to ring if it continues, which I did & she has sent for a gynaecology appointment for me to check for polyps etc ( still waiting & on a list) but told me to come off the patch until this is investigated…Reading all the comments I’m now wondering should I have stayed on it for a while more as it was very light, while waiting for the appointment, bleeding (or staining) has stopped now ..& considering trying it again while waiting to see will all be ok or start again…aches in hips & legs starting again & flushes too…& my daughters wedding the end of this year…had been googling around to get advice / information as my gp is on leave at the moment..She had said that as I was on the lowers dose of Evorel Conti that there is no reduction option but ” maybe ” pending results of Gynecology check I might be able to go back on it again…health services here is very bad at present & I could be waiting ages for that considering restarting my patch or even using half of one which a lot of my friends do at times…just think as it’s only been 4mths ish since I started that I’m still only settling in…I’d appreciate input or suggestions please & thanks .

  67. I’ve been on EC for 5 months, felt great and now out of nowhere started having slight bleeding and what feels like the start of a period. Called the doctor and now being fast tracked for hospital appointment. Slightly worried to say the least.

  68. I’ve read all comments here and I’m having the same problem I’m 53 54 in May I’m on HRT since I was 47 I was on a combined Hrt pill but had the copper coil in at the time which gave me heavy periods any way, so about 3 years ago I got the copper coil out and got the marina coil in. I had the marina in after my last child at 39 but did not like the way I felt on it, I felt pregnant, bloated and had no libido so hence I got that out and the copper one put in-had that in for over 12 years, so after getting the merina coil in at 51 I had to get it out after a year I felt like I had electric pulses down, there my hair was falling out really bad the same other symptoms and no libido at all, only positive no bleeding 😫 so got it out and was changed from combined tablet to estradot 100mg patch twice week and utrogestan 100 per night feel really good no symptoms but terrible bleeding every month had a cyst removed last summer had no bleeding for 4 months and though oh great maybe this is working, but no after the 4 months bleeding like a tap every month for 10 days and have sore breasts 3 weeks out of the month and cannot lose the weight no matter what I’m doing I do gym 3-4 days a week Pilates I’m now trying the diabetic injection for weight loss and I’m still the same I’m probably eating 1200 calories a day my trainer says I’m a freak of nature it’s so frustrating I’m due in for my 6 month chq up in April I cannot come off HRT I’ll be a nightmare to live with, we women get such a raw deal I’m coming back as a man in my next life.

  69. 1. So reassured to read all this, am experiencing the exact same as your post & as many on here. On HRT for 6mths, it.had improved my life enormously overnight (I have been evangelical! ) but am now bleeding, told to stop HRT, referred for investigations……
    2. Am enraged the experience, knowledge & options for so many is not better. If men had periods, this would be completely different.
    3. Rock & hard place. Periods or HRT? Hmmm.

  70. Each comment I’ve read on here are the same symptoms & investigations I’m having. I’m 58 and bleed every two weeks on Everol Conti, and I’m fed up.
    Why are the specialists not aware of EC menopause issues and not addressing them? It makes me so annoyed you have to research everything yourself and go thru intrusive and painful investigations when it could be HRT side effects. I don’t want to stop HRT as other than bleeding and weight gain ( I can’t believe I’ve said that, so little expectations eh!) on HRT I sleep and feel ok. There aren’t enough options available it’s one size fits all or go cold turkey and don’t take HRT.
    I’m going private ( pay thru work) as my gynecologist is recommending the Mirena coil option, been there and done that!!
    I’d be interested if anyone has seen a specialist menopause doctor and been offered a hormone test and what the results were.

  71. I’m 53, went through the menopause at 47, it’s was bearable but then read about the benefits of body identical Hrt, I was prescribed 1mg sandrena and utrogestan, all fine for 18 months, then was prescribed everol 50, felt great. But after about 8 months I started to bleed, just spotting! But now I’ve I got a full on bleed, called the dr and they have referred me to to gyne, pretty frightening! So many of my post menopausal friends are having the same symptoms, more research and funding is needed?

  72. Wow what a fantastic site.

    I’m experiencing the same as everyone else.

    I had 9 years on expensive bio-identical hormones – which aren’t regulated in this country but you have blood tests and they are made bespoke for you.

    Stopped them last summer as I couldn’t afford to go on. Now been 9 months on NHS utrogestan and Evorel 50 and after spotting December and January, I had what would have been for me a normal period at the end of March. Was fast-tracked for scan and had a hysteroscopy under GA on Monday this week. Started bleeding on Wednesday, exactly 28 days since last bleed and again it presents as what would have been a normal period for me in it’s intensity, duration etc, so feel it’s not the hysteroscopy but rather the HRT.

    I’m awaiting results of biopsy but after that am thinking of paying to see a private endocrinologist. These are the experts that deal with the endocrine system whereas I’m afraid a lot of gynaecologists are only really experts, in what my nephew, who is an anaesthetist calls (rather crudely), brats and twats!!

    I suffered from PCOS which gave me bad acne from my late teens to early 20s until I got myself referred to a brilliant endocrinologist who cleared my skin, with hormones, within one month. Something that a whole range of dermatologists had been unable to do – basically because they were treating the skin and not the underlying problem. I’m thinking its the same with menopause. A lot of medical disciplines cross over and gynaecology and endocrinology are definitely like that, and as much as I respect gynaecologists I think the truth is this is such a sub-division of gynaecology I don’t think a lot of them have the expertise or frankly the interest or training. Certainly the gynaecologist who did my scan laughed when I mentioned that PCOS can effect you after menopause though I’ve found numerous reputable medical papers that say that it does/can. How can I trust a consultant that can’t really be bothered to educate herself with the necessary information and even take it into consideration?

    What I am almost certain of is that there is something basically ‘wrong’ with the Evorel patches – otherwise why do so many of us bleed and why don’t they understand why? If you look at the forums on Menopause Matters, you will see the same thing. This is a very, very common problem and because they have to do the fast-track referral in case it is something sinister – most times it’s not so it’s just a huge waste of precious NHS resources.

    I know seeing an endocrinologist privately will be expensive but I just don’t think I can mess around with my health any more – it’s too important – and when you end up having invasive procedures like hysteroscopies under GA it’s just not OK! I know they have to refer you and I am grateful but 9 years on bio-identical with zero problems and 9 months on this NHS HRT regime and I’m legs akimbo, camera up my hoo-ha under a general anaesthetic! Go figure!

    If I can reassure anyone, uterine cancer, ironically, is a lot less likely in women on HRT. Look up a doctor called Vikram Sinai Talaulikar on LinkedIn – he just written a bit about unscheduled bleeding on HRT which sums it up really.

    1. Ho Karen, can I ask if you’ve been to e see the endocronologist yet and if so what were the results?
      I’m 60, post meno for approx 6 years and currently on EC. I’ve been taking this since January and felt amazing after taking however this past 3/4 months i have begun to experience spotting and it’s getting to be more than spotting but not quite a “ period”. I’m afraid to go to the Gp and her take me off them so wanted to know if you had any results from consulting with an endocrinologist.

  73. Had the internal, 3 polyps removed – a fibroid still there and a cyst on my ovary. Had 3 month recall for a year. Then started Evorel Conti- hot flushes stoped immediately, weight gain started, suddenly 41/2 months in – nipples like bullets, huge and solid! Then a heavy, cramping bleed… waiting to see the doctor!

  74. So glad to read all these comments. I had a late menopause at age 58, after years of period issues. I finally gave in and went on Evorel Conti January this year. Was fine the first month, then second and third month spotting only, since eight weeks ago I am now bleeding every 10 days, for 4-5 days (very heavy bleeding, bright red as most mention). Went to GP for review this week and am being fast-tracked to hospital for all the usual investigations, including biopsy. Am so upset as thought all the ‘poking and prodding’ was finally over. I am feeling much better, physically and mentally since starting Evorel Conti, apart from this bleeding. I have fought for years to not have a Mirena coil fitted and now this is being mentioned again. Much cheaper I guess for the NHS than the patches, but still being told there may be bleeding for quite a while……’s time the government were funding more research into the menopause and HRT. Why do doctors think this bleeding needs investigation when it clearly says on Evorel Conti leaflet and various websites that it should settle down between 4-6 months. I think the product itself needs more evaluation.

  75. So interesting to read all these comments and experiences. I’ve been on the evorel conti for 12 months, had initial heaven bleed then another, some spotting and now heavy cramp period style bleeds. Had scan and told my lining is thickened 1mm and having hystoscopy next. Fingers crossed it is HRT related. Thank you all for sharing your journeys

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