Terms and disclosure

Terms and disclosure

This blog is written, edited and funded by Elizabeth Carr-Ellis to help women get through midlife and menopause in one piece and with a smile. All opinions and comments that appear are my own unless otherwise marked. This is not my main job and I do not earn a living as a blogger.

I don’t get paid to write good things about products – all of the work you see is my own, unbiased opinion and bad jokes. If something is here, it is because I have some thoughts about it I want to share or get off my chest.

If I am paid for any post then I will clearly mark it as “AD”, “SPONSORED” or “GIVEN” (I hate the word “gifted”). However, I will never work with nor promote anything I do not think is relevant and interesting or matches my ethics and values.

If a post is paid for, it means I value the brand and believe it is of value to midlife women. Similarly, I accept press samples and receive products and services to review, but I will only feature them if I think they are of interest to you, my readers.

Affiliate links – which means I may get a little something to help with the cost of running 50Sense if you buy via them – will be marked, too. But again, the only reason they will ever appear here is because I think the product is worth it. Affiliate links will not cost you anything and are not added to the price of the product so you pay the same price whether you use my link or not.

Above all, I will never recommend my readers to buy something I would never buy myself. I’ve wasted too much of my own money trying to find “the answer” to midlife and menopause blues to see others waste theirs.

If you have any queries, please contact me at [email protected]

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