Ted Baker make-up review: Or why first impressions can be misleading

Ted Baker is one of my favourite labels. I adore the glorious femininity of their designs – they’re all my girly dreams come true when I was a child growing up in the dull poo browns and burnt oranges of the 1970s.

But I never realised they did make-up until Christmas, when my sister gave me the Ted Baker All Eyes on Ted gift set.

It was beautiful and I oohed and aahed over the soft pastel colours and then put it away because – Ted Baker did make-up? What experience or expertise did they have? They made pretty skirts and mind-blowingly gorgeous dresses.

And so it sat in my bookcase (yes, honestly) until recently, when, on a dull day and with a deadline to meet so naturally I was procrastinating, I decided to take my time getting ready and try it.

Sorry, Ted. I shouldn’t have doubted you

What’s in the All Eyes on Ted set?

As you can see, there’s a fair few pieces here, all in soft pastels. You get a powder shadow palette, three creamy crayons, a liquid eyeliner and mascara.

With the shadows, you get a pink shimmer for all over the lid, dusky pink to add shadow and a highlight. They all have a sparkle in them but aren’t glittery. I wear them during the day as well as at night (the dusky pink makes a great standalone shade for the office).

ted baker all eyes on ted make-up

The crayons come in rose gold, brown (more of a taupe) and a highlight shade, while the mascara and eyeliner are both black.

Individually, they all look luxe and expensive. The palette is a hard-wearing, sturdy case that feels substantial in your hands and overall the gold packaging makes it stand out on your dressing table (not the bookcase). They’re a nice piece to have on display.

Yes, but what are they like?

Beautiful. Next question?

What? You want more. Okay, then… I was so surprised at the quality of these. The shadows cling to a make-up brush and don’t go flaking off on your cheekbones. I use an eyeshadow primer first and while one application wouldn’t take you from day to night, the shadows are easy to touch-up without looking cakey or stale. The palette is small enough to drop into a make-up bag too.

As for the crayons – why have I got to 52 before discovering how amazing eyeshadow crayons are? These are so easy to use. Soft and creamy, they are fantastic for a quick application in the morning to wake up your eyes and get you ready to face the world.

What I like best about both the palette and the crayons is the colours. Now that summer is here, they’re light and fresh without being old-woman pastel. You know, the sort of shade the Queen Mum would have worn. I’ve been wearing them non-stop recently. They look fantastic with a tan.

My favourite off all the set, however, is the liner. Me and liquid liners have never been pals. Indeed, my left eyelid and liquid liners have been at constant war with each other. I can get the most beautiful straight line on the right, but the left rebels and gives me a little nudge in the middle. So then I have to fill it in to make it even. And then do the same to the right. Only it’s not quite the same.

By the end of it, I look as if I’ve gone 50 rounds with Tyson Fury, the line is so thick and black.

Of course, some times it’s been a dream. But they’re so few and far between that I’d stopped using eyeliner over the last few years.

The All Eyes on Ted liner, however, goes on like a dream. It has an incredibly fine nib which allows me to draw a thin line right up to the lashes. It’s now an essential part of my make-up arsenal on those red-lip days when you need to be at full fighting strength.

You’ve not mentioned the mascara…

Yeah, I know. And that’s because I’m not a fan.

It has a lovely fine brush that separates your lashes beautifully and the black is gorgeous and black. But by the end of the day, I’m a panda. Not for me, I’m afraid. My budget buy mascara will do instead.

Nevertheless, I’m a Ted Baker make-up fan now. I’ll trust you more in future, big sister!

You can still get All Eyes on Ted on Ebay and Amazon (no affiliate links).

What make-up finds have surprised you? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Ted Baker make-up review: Or why first impressions can be misleading”

  1. I have the Ted Baker eyeshadow crayons.
    How do you sharpen them?? I tried to sharpen them with my usual trusty eye pencil sharpener and the shadow was so soft it nearly ruined the one I tried.
    If you don’t keep a decent point, they’re useless.

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